A Reason to Hope SMOD 2016 Comes Back and Wins on Tuesday

by John Galt
November 6, 2016 15:30 ET


Let us all pray that SMOD decides to change the course of human history and this nightmarish election which is upon us this Tuesday.


No, it is not the constant Trumptardism running rampant on talk radio, the internet, social media, and non-stop on almost every television channel.

No, it is not the annoying voice after every other #*@!ing ad saying “this ad approved by Hillary Clinton for President” or the fact that her maid, one more time, her maid had access to classified United States secrets and was faxing them to that idiot corrupt, evil broad who has no business being President either.

I blame my desire for the end of all life on this planet on Gizmodo.

Because I’m stupid enough to sign up for their Twitter feed since I am a geek and want to stay aware of the newest and greatest things in geekdom, aka, technology, I received a link to this story:

Doll Company Gives Avatar Na’vi Babies Dicks

First I had to do a double take and wonder if indeed the Sweet Meteor of Death had hit and I was imagining all this as the oxygen was sucked out of my brain while the world exploded. Nope, it’s for real (excerpted from the article above):

Babyclon, a doll company specializing in realistic silicone baby dolls, has turned its attention to the upcoming tetralogy of James Cameron’s Avatar sequels. They’ve released the first look at a new line of Avatar Na’vi baby dolls, and yes, for some reason the males ones are complete with little baby dicks. The females have their equivalent.

Now obviously, I have taste and will not post the picture of the naked animated alien babies with human privates, thus this censored version to give my readers an idea of how lifelike the toys really are:


SMOD, you can do it baby. Save us from this. Or as the author of the Gizmodo article so aptly stated:

Someone put an end to all of this.

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