The FBI Proved Tonight it is all Rigged – Stocks Soar, Hillary Flaunts, America Dies

by John Galt
November 6, 2016 18:50 ET

I’m sure FBI Director Comey did not wake up to his favorite horse in his bed this morning, but I feel his pain for the loss of whatever pet he did find beheaded this morning under his sheets.

Because if anyone thinks that the system is not rigged, think again:

  • The RNC folds and after Donald Trump gets a few early wins, the entire Party coalesces on stopping legitimate threats to the Washington Establishment like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.
  • The “movement” behind Trump is formed by mostly motivated individuals, but the Republican Establishment abandons him leaving his campaign underfunded compared to the Democrats.
  • Hillary Clinton and her staff commit multiple felonies which would land the average citizen in jail for 20+ years yet the corrupt Department of Justice and FBI walks away under political orders from President Obama.
  • The Federal Reserve member banks and political leadership quietly orders its members to offer unlimited support for Hillary Clinton’s campaign despite their stated public role of “neutrality.”
  • Lastly, the mainstream media it has been revealed colluded with the Clinton campaign to fix debates, launch attacks on her enemies, and cover up her wrongdoing and the Republican Party acts like scared little girls going to their first haunted house instead of attacking or investigating decades of corrupt and criminal activity.

Think this will end well? Think again as if there has ever been a time where America is on the doorstep of war which will kill millions of American citizens, President Hillary Clinton will be the one to start and surrender to our enemies the minute the losing begins; even if it means the unnecessary murder of hundreds of millions of souls worldwide for her to stay in power.

With that consideration in mind, the equity market futures and gold futures are trading tonight and surprise, surprise, surprise:


Well, maybe not such a shock as our system of laws has now totally collapsed as well as whatever that crap called “American Capitalism” used to be. We are now living in modern Roman times which when it fails will make that ancient empire look weak by comparison. The markets reflect the corruption almost as if on cue so as to help the globalist pro-Marxist win on Tuesday:





Ah well, many of us tried to warn our fellow countryman that our elections and economy is rigged. Good luck trying to survive the gulags!

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  1. Nexusfast123 | 07/11/2016 at 04:13 |

    The letter from the FBI is carefully worded and pointedly excludes the use of the server as an offence but does not mention any of the other issues. Maybe we underestimate the the FBI. This takes the pressure off and creates more time to look at the non email server related issues which are potentially very serious. If the FBI had dismissed all issues they would have stated so.

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