Peruvian Shaman Have a Better Method for Selecting a U.S. President (Video)

by John Galt
November 7, 2016 20:50 ET

Thank you Ruptly TV for cutting to the quick with this awesome video of Peruvian Shaman predicting the next U.S. President:

While this does resemble a CNN panel discussing the election, imagine the billions of dollars that could be saved picking our President in this manner instead of allowing the illegal alien Peruvians to vote and decide on this. And the corrupt unions. And the corrupt Republicrat and Democommie parties.

I’m all for it after this nightmarish election.

As for tomorrow night:

Ladies and Gentleman,


I think Golden Grain is best for tomorrow night.


2 Comments on "Peruvian Shaman Have a Better Method for Selecting a U.S. President (Video)"

  1. Zetetic | 08/11/2016 at 16:26 |

    The media would corrupt that processential, too.
    However, it the candidates want to drop $3 billion on me, I will sit on the beach and pick a winner

  2. The first guy interviewed says Mars favors Trump, and so he’s going to win. The second guy (in white) says Hillary will win.

    So it’s exactly like a CNN panel. One person thinks Trump will win, the other thinks Clinton will win.

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