John Galt’s Fearless 2016 Presidential Election Forecast for Tonight

by John Galt
November 8, 2016 16:30 ET


Yes America, it is that time. Despite the prognosticator’s prognostications and the proctologist’s probing of your mind (aka, MSM), it is Election Day 2016 in the United States where the people of this once great nation decide on voting for a socialist or a psycho.

Great choices major parties, good work, what’s next a vote for Manson or Mao?

I have broken down the electoral map using‘s make your own electoral map into two scenarios as I doubt the “narrow victory” idea will come true.  Keep in mind, I will present my final prediction afterwards so please do not get your hopes up that I’m agreeing with either candidate or their followers about the outcome.


This is the obvious “Brexit” idea which has Wall Streeters ready to cry to Mommy and wetting themselves as the angry white male actually gets off his ass and votes instead of drinking EBT paid for beer and whining about the good old days of the steel mills and auto factories where he made $26 per hour. It also means that white voters above in the 30-62 year old age group increased turnout by at least 10% over the past 3 Presidential election cycles:

In a deep dark way, I hope this happens just so I can watch the CNN and NBC hosts wet their panty shields and cry on air. Then again, they could have a gloatfest:

SCENARIO 2. – HILLARY MURDERS THE ELECTION (before killing our nation)

This is the worst case scenario because it means the GOP under the brilliant leadership of Reince Preibus has found a way to not only lose the Presidential election, but in all probability control of the U.S. Senate.


If this one bears out, ammunition prices double by Friday and many Americans who dared to speak out against here had best flee before January seeking political refugee status in Chile, Ecuador, or some other nation that won’t get nuked when she starts WWIII because she needs a distraction from an impeachment hearing.


Sad to say, I lean towards the latter scenario with South Carolina being a tossup and Ohio possibly being in play also. Hillary will unfortunately win well over 300 electoral votes which in her mind gives her an almost dictatorial mandate to not only expand Obama’s policies, but move America into the darkest place we have ever been since the Woodrow Wilson administration. Even though Portman wins re-election to the U.S. Senate in Ohio, in the end, odds are Rubio could be in trouble, Burr gone from NC, Ayotte from NH, Nevada being lost, and Wisconsin returning back to the con man Feingold. The Trump forces never seemed serious about winning the Presidency as highlighted by his long time friend and henchman Roger Stone, via RedState today:

Nevada I think is problematic. Frankly Trump has run one of the worst campaigns in modern political history in the state and the crew there is really left over from the primary, these old Americans for Prosperity folks.

It’s equally as bad down here in Florida folks and word is non-existent in states like North Carolina, New Mexico, Colorado, and Michigan where a good Republican candidate would have won those states easily this cycle. The pro-Trump/GOP forces refused to recognize the dirty tricks and voter fraud Democrats have perfected and thus underestimated her ability to destroy any enemies in her way. Prepare for dark times folks, as many of us warned that Trump was not serious about this and if we are correct the recriminations and revenge a new Clinton regime will exact on her enemies will make Stalin spin in his tomb like a top.

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  1. Idahoser | 09/11/2016 at 11:53 |

    okay, I waited til this morning to find out because I too dreaded the result, but now that we know, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt (that we didn’t have with her). Absolutely, just about every bad thing you can think of is true but please be open to the possibility that he will try to be open to suggestion and it MIGHT turn out to be a good thing, else why care so much?

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