Mea Culpa de Crow for Me Please

by John Galt
November 9, 2016 18:00 ET

America has voted and decided that I need to eat some crow.

Unlike some within the #NeverTrump crowd, I’m not going to apologize as I voted my conscience and stuck to my principles. I congratulate Donald Trump on winning the Presidency and hope and pray that all of my fears about him being Hoover V2.0 are unfounded. Even more important than that however is if he can repeal Obamacare, reform the corporate and personal income tax, and pull us back from the brink of World War III while securing and returning or borders to some degree of sanity.

Now please pass the Tabasco Sauce to add some flavor to my crow and deep fry it for me because here is the shocker.

In my Fearless Prediction posting last night, I missed a few things besides the final outcome. In my Scenario 1, I had the following map:


That looks like it will come very close to being true but I honestly never thought the Demorat Party cheating machine would ever let Pennsylvania flip into the Republican column. Trump did well but not good enough in New Hampshire and even though he improved the prospects in New Mexico, he didn’t get enough votes in the major cities. Overall however, flipping WI, MI, and PA while adding FL to his vote totals was quite impressive. It deserves to be called a Trump Romp.

The best news however, is where I missed the overall prediction. I had no idea Hillary Clinton’s ground game was so lame. It was beyond pathetic here in Florida and in the black community they were spurned as she had no message which appealed the crime and economic problems in their communities.

Last night was a good night for America.

Now let’s see if President Trump and the GOP can close the deal and make America great again.

FWIW, I lost my bet with a friend down here and yes, I wore a MAGA hat to all of my sales calls today. When I’m wrong, I’ll admit it, unlike many in the left wing media who are just calling the anti-Hillary voters racist, sexist, ignorant bigots.

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  1. From what I’ve heard through back door sources, I am permanently banned. I might test that tonight. Dennis is a bitter armchair warrior, after all.

  2. The cool thing about owning a website is you get to ban retards like you 9%. Have a nice life. Enjoy your mental retardation and please, for your own sake, don’t play with sharp objects.

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