Bulgaria Elects Pro-Russian Pro-Military President in Shock Election Result for EU

by John Galt
November 13, 2016 21:30 ET

For some strange reason, I doubt we’ll see President Obama or even President-Elect Trump doing what President-Elect Radev of Bulgaria does in this video:

In what can only be a shocker to the West and the pro-war branch of NATO and the European Union, the Bulgarian people, much like the United Kingdom and United States voted tonight and said:


From Reuters:

A former air force commander, Radev has argued Bulgaria needs to be pragmatic in balancing the requirements of its European Union and NATO memberships while seeking ways to benefit from a relationship with Moscow.

Exit polls showed Radev, who is backed by the opposition Socialist party, winning 58.1-58.5 percent of the vote, compared with 35.3-35.7 percent for Tsetska Tsacheva, the 58-year-old candidate of the ruling GERB party.

Compounding GERB’s problems, Tsacheva was seen as lacking Borisov’s charisma.

“The loss of GERB is definite and clear,” Borisov told reporters after exit polls were published.

“In this election, the people showed us that something is not as it should be. That our priorities may be good, but obviously there are better ones. So the most democratic thing, the right thing to do is to (resign),” he said.

Borisov’s resignation would likely lead to an early election as soon as March and could be followed by months by difficult coalition talks among several political groupings.

“There isn’t an alternative to take over government,” said political analyst Ognian Minchev. “The Socialists and the ethnic Turkish MRF party have lost much of their public trust only two years ago…Early elections are inevitable,” he said.

This is a dramatic shift because the President of Bulgaria has full control of the military, thus any potential offensive action against Russia or decision by NATO to engage in such a conflict would lose a key ally in Southeastern Europe. This was an event that NATO and the EU was not counting on because there was, as in the U.K. and U.S. elections, a sizeable amount of outside money given to opposition parties to block this election outcome.

More from the Bulgarian News Agency, Novinite:

There’s a ‘New Political Sutuation in Bulgaria,’ President-Elect Says

“It is clear to everyone that there is a new political situation in Bulgaria and there’s nothing dramatic about it,” Bulgarian president-elect Rumen Radev has said.

“Despite the bluffs of powers-that-be [who predicted] an apocalypse you voted for change,” he has told Bulgarians at a press conference after first exit poll results were announced.

Radev has blamed Bulgaria’s Prime Minister for allowing political stability to “fall hostage to his ego.” He has accused Borisov of being “unable to imagine working with someone he cannot control.” Borisov is due to resign next week to hold on to an earlier promise that he would take the step if Radev won.

“To me, this is only the beginning… of the most important mission of my life – to work for a secure and prosperous Bulgaria in which there is unity and not hatred from the past.”

The newly elected head of state has vowed to work toward a waiver of EU sanctions against Russia, but has made it clear the competence to demand the step lies with the government.

Asked about his lack of experience in politics (he comes out of the Air Force ranks), he has voiced confidence about having the qualities necessary.

Radev ran as an independent, but was fully backed by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), the biggest opposition force.

But on Sunday evening he also gave clear indications he would seek to distance himself from the socialists, openly differing in opinions with BSP head Korneliya Ninova on judicial reform and on whether Borisov is a good statesperson. Unlike Ninova, he has embraced the idea to introduce a Romanian-style anti-corruption model and has hailed Borisov’s work to a certain extent.

Earlier, he described the vote result as “a victory for all Bulgarians.”

He hailed the Bulgarian people for having “overcome fear”, amidst a campaign from his opponent arguing Bulgaria would be pulled apart from its EU and NATO membership and destabilize the country in favour of Russia.

So far in November it’s Freedom 2, George Soros/NWO ZERO.

The reaction of Berlin and Brussels will be most interesting, needless to say.

Too bad America has about 70 more days of this instead of a bad ass fighter pilot:


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