The Democrats are in Full Self-Destruct Mode

by John Galt
November 13, 2016 11:00 ET

Apparently the Democrat Party is still not listening to America.

On the Sunday news programs that I usually avoid, the mantra was that they failed to pay attention to the concerns of the working man and that the Trump administration was bound to commit acts of bigotry, racism, and anti-immigrant hostility which they would not allow.

What they fail to understand is the mentality of one President-Elect Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Trump’s propensity to help his enemies self-destruct faster and in more dramatic fashion will be akin to Conor McGregor planting a leg kick to the head of the dying Democrat mascot, the ass. If they think he will give them an opening, they are wrong. This time, the Republicans will learn from Obama’s arrogance in 2009 and instead of keeping the Senate filibuster in place, they will call their action a dedication to Dirty Harry Reid and nuke the procedures by either restricting filibusters to the two speech rule or just killing altogether for this session. Such an action will cause a hew and cry in the commielib world and media but they haven’t learned a thing from this election:

No one is watching or listening to them anyways.

Much more than just amazing but downright stunning is the blatant stupidity the DNC appears to be moving forward with regarding a new chairperson. One of the nominees is a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, another a washed up Democrat elitist famous for his primal scream, and lastly a bunch of extremist no names which will do nothing but offend the average American citizen who sent a clear message that they did not hear.

Hopefully the left and its pet rock, the mainstream media, continue to lurch further to the left. America needs to see their Quasi-Marxist pro-Islamist ideologies exposed which will make President Trump look even more moderate than anyone could ever imagine. The failure of the Democrats is to understand that the further left they move, the more sane Trump looks.

Good work losers, keep imploding. We’ll be cheering for you while holding that stick of dynamite in your hand as you walk into a forest fire while soaked in gasoline.

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