How Trump Killed the Doomer Industry in One Day

by John Galt
November 17, 2016 21:30 ET

Before the Nirvana now known as the land of Trumptopia, the current regime had the Doomer Community and Alt-Media in full blown meltdown, with many fearing that Obama would never leave office, the Republicans would nominate a Romney clone, and the Illuminati would ensure that America would stay subservient to the New World Order.

Here is an example from January 2015, and one Alex Jones for example:

One election later, here’s Alex again:

I have one question for Alex however; if your boy, Donald Trump has prevented World War III, stopped the Illuminati, and saved America from the New World Order, then why would I need “Infowars Prime?” Or another water filter?

But I digress.

Let’s analyze everything that has happened and the shocking realization that I have foreseen which will piss off my friends, advertisers, fellow survivalists, and the Doomer industry as a whole. I have witnessed this industry first hand and folks, let me tell you, it is no different from any other business; as long as there is a supply of fear, there is demand for goods and information to prevent the user from being a victim of the doom being presented.

So how did Donald J. Trump, America’s President-Elect, single handily destroy the doomer industry with one election in one day?

That’s easy enough to answer as many message boards, keyboard warriors, podcasters, shortwave radio Patriot broadcasters, doomer religious groups, and survivalist news aggregators all bet the farm and endorsed Donald Trump with some of the most insane statements and news stories in American history.

For example:

Prophecy: God Sent Donald Trump to Wage War Against Destructive Spirits

Wow. Even Trump didn’t claim this mantle, but the misguided souls who did will soon find out that Trump is just a man.

For the sake of argument, let’s agree with all the message boards, radio programs, bloggers, weird news aggregators, etc. You know, the ones that said Ted Cruz was a Canadian, Jeb Bush was funded by the bankers, and the mainstream media was put in charge of selecting our next Republican nominee.

If Donald Trump delivers on all the promises he stated that these individuals supported him for, why do I need to buy the products from their sponsors?

If gold is diving to $800 per ounce (as I speculated) and silver to $10 per oz., because President Trump cranks up the dormant economy and the dollar surges in strength, why would I invest in physical or paper precious metal investments that may lose me even more money?

What do I need with another water filter?

What makes these survivalists think that I need their vitamins as much when I can buy regular vitamins and go to the doctor again because Obamacare is repealed and my health care becomes affordable?

Why would anyone donate to a message board owner claiming he needs a new server if the same message board owner supports and believes that Trump’s election will save America and prevent disaster and destruction?

Since the risks of World War III are now diminished with President Trump in office, why should I buy long term food storage, radiation detection equipment, or night vision unless I think North Korea can successfully invade us?

Hell, according to all these supporters of Trump unicorns will poop dollar bills and Skittles on my house and this time they are edible, unlike the liberal one’s the Obama unicorn spewed everywhere.

Lastly, why should I add to my arsenal now? Gun prices will crash just like the gun manufacturer’s stock prices have since his election:



Granted, there has been a dead cat low volume bounce off the high volume sell-off, but the smart money knows; if the average American does not have to worry about gun confiscation, five to twenty-five weapons in their personal arsenal will be enough. Ahem, not me, I only one one or two, ahem.

And if one does not need to buy firearms right away, one does not need to add to their stash of 20,000 or 50,000 rounds of ammunition. One does not need another case of nasty Asian Beef Tips MRE’s. One does not need another case of daily survival bars. Etc…

The very advertising base which built and financed the doomer industry will now faces its own economic depression. I’ve spoken with individuals who are firearms dealers and they gambled and lost. Many stocked up on firearms before the election anticipating a Hillary Clinton victory and expected to reap 50% plus profits on assault rifles which were to be banned plus much more on high-capacity magazines, ammunition, and other firearm accessories. Now they are stuck with inventory which will probably see a 20-30% retail price decline in just the few months ahead.

In the end, many radio programs will cease to exist as these advertisers pull back and rely solely on internet advertising. Many podcasts and websites will also disappear, and of course, many of the mega-doomer big names will feel the pinch because President Trump in 2017 will initially deliver on many of the promises from his campaign.

I was asked about this in a discussion with a gun shop owner in Florida today and I responded quite logically:

If you were putting off taking your child to a theme park in Florida or your family on a nice vacation because you had planned on spending $4,000 dollars on food, arms, and survival gear but now your job seems safe and your family needs a break from 8 years of doom and depression, what would you do if the Trump election gave you the economic “all clear?” The obvious, with family and fun first, and take a break from the fear of the New World Order or a Bilderberg bogeyman snatching your children to enslave them forever.

Reality will set in. Many who profited in the patriot and doom industry will be gone by the end of 2017 or early 2018 as the economy becomes unrestrained under the Trump administration.

It’s almost is if the election of Donald Trump was designed by the New World Order to eliminate all of the suppliers and voices of the resistance, but that’s too wild of a conspiracy so let’s all plan our 2017 vacations.


Right kids?

15 Comments on "How Trump Killed the Doomer Industry in One Day"

  1. Oldphartbsa | 18/11/2016 at 00:12 |

    Interesting ideas. But my vacation plans were made long before the election, and rotating the stockpile of food and water is now second nature.
    While I hope Trump has success, I doubt there will be any substantial changes. And, as China and the rest are currently cashing in US treasury bonds, I still believe the dollar is wobbly. I do hope we see the collapse of gold and silver as you predict. It becomes a lot easier to buy the cheaper it gets.

  2. Lol! Since you’ve been an anti-trump shill since the very beginning, one wonders when your IPO is going to be launched, because NOW you’re really in business, aren’t you?

    • Not so much anti-Trump as more pro-Constitution. I’m going to give him a chance as I said last week and hope he succeeds. But I will blast him the minute he strays. As for now, the media has gone overboard and the backlash against them is sweet.

  3. Paul Weiss | 18/11/2016 at 13:25 |

    You know what? Even if Trump delivers everything he’s promised, there will STILL be big problems in the world. The US still has $20 trillion of debt, plus $125 trillion of unfunded liabilities, and it isn’t going away so soon. Of course, if the economy grows rapidly then there may be a small surplus, and this debt as a percentage of GDP will drop – but, rest assured, the Leftists will someday regain power. The US may vanquish its enemies, but, rest assured, new ones will crop up with the help of those Leftists who will someday regain power. We may STILL be victimized by an enemy EMP or a solar flare. The Yellowstone volcano may STILL go off. Etc., etc.

    So don’t be all doom-and-gloom about the doom-and-gloom industry. I’m not in it – I’m just an occasional customer. I will use the decline in prices for various products, including and especially gold, silver and the other precious metals (tubular steel, lead and copper) to stock up. When do you go to the store and blow a wad on food – when the prices are high, or when you can make your money go 30% or 50% further? Fear may diminish (and I hope it does for the right reasons – that the can-do America of the ’50s returns us to prosperity and safety), but the reasons for preparing will never go away. Natural and man-made disasters don’t stop because of elections, no matter how much we may like the results.

    • 100% with you. As prices return to the norm, I’m all in. Because I think 2019 is a precursor to world war as the major powers all have their new toys coming online.

      And gold starts to move to $3,000.

      • TSA_TheSexualAssault | 23/11/2016 at 17:01 |

        Doom of too many people per square mile still exists. If local food can’t feed people, there’s a real problem when truckers can’t get unlimited available Diesel to move the goods. Megalopolises are death traps, as well as engines of huge wealth & culture creation.

      • Schmogie | 23/11/2016 at 22:04 |


  4. Galt CA | 19/11/2016 at 00:04 |

    The Prepper fad is in decline, no doubt. I believe you are right on with what you say here, and honestly it’s all ok. There are quite a few websites that could go away and no one would ever notice.

    I personally am glad that I will still have some time to stock up and luckily it might even be cheaper to do so for a while.

  5. Teknikid | 20/11/2016 at 20:17 |

    Your article makes sense considering the election outcome. I felt my personal “defcon level” drop a bit after Trump won. However, I do not believe for a minute we are out of the woods. I do not believe for a minute something couldn’t happen tomorrow or next week that could justify all of our preparedness. Be that as it may, I move forward with life because we have to enjoy life too. I’m getting some house projects done one way or another, regardless of what happens next week.

    • Thank you. I’m buying a BUTTLOAD of silver if it gets close to $10 per ounce. My supplier is already on alert. Oh, and a Romanian/Russian/Czech AK when that hits the normal price of $300-$350. Supply and demand always wins and the doomer industry is about to find that out the hard way.

      • TSA_TheSexualAssault | 23/11/2016 at 16:56 |

        I would like to pay very little for an HK-91, an UZI 9mm carbine, a low-miles AK, a bolt-action .50BMG, AN/PVS-14, high-rez FLIR imagers, and pm’s cheaper than they can be mined. Good jobs at good wages? Viva Trump!

  6. Zaphod Braden | 22/11/2016 at 16:52 |

    And SOROS/Hillary brought it RIGHT BACK —

    They are instigating a Civil WAR.

    Notice obama and Hillary are not CONDEMNING the staged Soros riots?
    Their SILENCE is thunderous. anti-Trump protestors are RACISTS, BIGOTS, & VIOLENT THUGS.

    I was very interested in the satin purple Bill & Hillary wore at her “concession” speech ,

    it was so very, very ODD, so PROMINENT and garish.…-of-the-u-s-people/
    So actually their choice of COLOR was a DECLARATION of WAR on America
    and a signal that THEY refuse to accept the election results as they DEMANDED Trump do.

    • I wouldn’t sweat it. Have you been to Disney lately with your kids?

      Because Trump will go there before this is all over…

  7. Schmogie | 23/11/2016 at 22:04 |

    The Fourth Turning is still in progress. Happily, some of us will take advantage of this brief respite in the doomgasm, procure quite a bit of stuff ‘on sale’, stash it away in a quiet, secure location, and wait for the inevitable Troubles. RE: “disney-whatever”, I will, again happily, never set foot anywhere near any of their facilities ever again. Trump is the Grey Champion. That does not make him a “hero” however.

  8. I think it gets bumpy the next 60 days then in 2018-2019 the crash gets real as the final bubble, the political one, pops loudly.

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