The Hardcore pro-Marxists Bemoan Fidel Castro’s Death

by John Galt
November 26, 2016 09:00 ET

The pro-Marxist anti-Freedom media and political elites have woken up out of their slumber this morning to find out that the old guy on their t-shirts has passed on to hell. With the death of Fidel Castro, one would think that the entire leftist media would follow the lead of the dictatorship in Havana and declare nine days of mourning, but instead, they are doubling down. Again.

First up, the Washington Post, which just a few days ago bemoaned numerous legitimate websites as being tools of Russian propaganda which helped throw the election even though the Post failed to contact any of the website owners for the story or even do any research to verify the facts. Thus today’s headline must be a dedication to the old days of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (that’s the old USSR for public school teachers and recent victims thereof) and the official Moscow based newspaper, Pravda:


Yes, that is the actual headline and somehow they think he’s a spiritual leader of the far left which just happens to be the same style of news reporting and political slant the Post endorses.

But it gets better.

ABC News highlighted his death with their reporter, Jim Avila (h/t Newsbusters) with this beaut of a comment:

ABC’s Avila went so far as to tout how Castro “was considered, even to this day, the George Washington of his country among those who remain in Cuba.”

I’m sure the prisoners chained the walls in the various military and secret police prisons around Cuba think the same thing their Jim. After all, there are extensive records of George Washington having secret police shooting dissident parents in front of their children all the time. Or maybe not.

The European Union, which in my opinion the United Kingdom and U.S. can not get far enough away from fast enough, has its own President, one Jean Claude-Junckers. To call this guy “far left” would be an understatement as he wants to form his own EU army, his own EU government to control everyone’s life in the EU, and of course, block and censor any media which disagrees with the “official” point of view.

So what kind of gem did he offer up this morning with his buddy’s passing?



Without dipping into the sewers of the various leftist websites and message boards, let’s just say it is safe to assume that if the above is a reflection of the “mainstream” Marxist leftist parading as media, what is being said in their other organs must be far more disgusting and will only double down as the WaPo, CNN, and EU have already.

It’s a good day however, with another Marxist dictator heading to hell, the left’s head exploding in the U.S., and the MSM demonstrating once again why their viewership and readership is in full decline as they bemoan the loss of one of their global icons.

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  1. Zetetic | 26/11/2016 at 15:51 |

    MSM holds onto the hope there are not enough educated individuals left to know who Fidel Castro was and what he actually did, and the Left no longer hides behind the pretense they are totalitarian. They publicly celebrate their hero’s death while bemoaning the fact the uneducated weren’t smart enough to vote for Hillary. The irony drips from their foreheads like sweat.

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