The Angriest Man in America is Totally Irrelevant

by John Galt
December 15, 2016 20:05 ET


It has been a bad year for the Mr. Irrelevant since the November election:

Democrats open to replacing Obamacare

Media reporting on hacked DNC emails acted as ‘arms of Russian intelligence’ – White House

Exclusive: Top U.S. spy agency has not embraced CIA assessment on Russia hacking – sources

Trump: Moving U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem ‘Very Big Priority’

Jihadists driven out of all Aleppo quarters: Russian General

‘You haven’t succeeded once’: AP reporter grills State Dept on lack of progress in Syria (Video):

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass Mr. Obama.

Please reserve your anger towards the incompetent Clinton Crime Family and not the rest of us you bitter, despotic, steaming pile of fading Marxism.

You won’t be missed.

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  1. Zetetic | 20/12/2016 at 21:23 |

    May his 8 years get as much historical coverage as Fillmore.

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