100 Things I Would Like President Trump to Do in the First 100 Days

by John Galt
December 20, 2016 21:20 ET

In no particular order, but some I’d love to see first more than others, like the first two:

  1. Order the withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Syria.
  2. Order the withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq.
  3. Order all operations in Africa to be completed and forces withdrawn within 90 days.
  4. Cancel the agreement with the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nations which allows them to screen and approve visa applications.
  5. Order 10,000 U.S. soldiers to the U.S.-Mexican border to protect the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers while they construct a temporary fence as the permanent wall is funded and built.
  6. Revoke all Executive Orders and Memoranda issued by Barrack Obama.
  7. Issue an Executive Order freezing all enforcement actions for 180 days while an group of independent counsels reviews actions by the EPA, Department of Labor, FCC, FDA, Department of Energy, Department of Education, and HHS to determine constitutionality.
  8. Fire every Ambassador and second appointed by Obama.
  9. Fire every U.S. prosecutor and second appointed by Obama.
  10. Nominate Judge William Pryor to the Supreme Court vacancy.
  11. Submit Corporate Tax Reform act to the Congress in a joint session.
  12. Submit Obamacare Repeal and Replacement in the same session.
  13. During the State of the Union address in February, announce the relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem; move it the next day and tell the Democrat whiners to piss off.
  14. Publicly endorse Senator Ted Cruz’s bill to declare the Muslim Brotherhood and all sub-organizations related as a terrorist group.
  15. Sign the application approving the Keystone XL pipeline.
  16. Announce the creation of the “Make America Great Again” bond to begin rebuilding U.S. infrastructure in a joint public-private enterprise.
  17. Announce a hiring freeze for all non combatant, non law enforcement agencies of the U.S. government for 2 years.
  18. Ban the importation of anything from Iran and restore maximum sanctions against that terrorist nation.
  19. Revoke the Iran Nuclear deal via Executive Order (as Obama used to bypass the Constitution).
  20. Offer to meet President Vladimir Putin in Reykjavik, Iceland to restore Reagan’s dream of a reduction in strategic nuclear weapons as we begin a modernization program as the Russians have.
  21. Immediately void all bans and approve all drilling applications within the state of Alaska.
  22. Void, revoke, and withdraw all military, paramilitary, and law enforcement type forces and authority established in the State Department, Department of Education, EPA, Energy, VA, HUD, HHS, and NOAA.
  23. Order a cancellation of all further payments of United Nations dues until all member nations recognize the State of Israel.
  24. Revoke all of Obama’s orders relating to trade, relations, etc. with Cuba.
  25. Freeze all expenditures at NPR and PBS until the Congress can review if the public broadcasters are even necessary at the Federal level based on modern media options.
  26. Appoint Sarah Palin as Ambassador to Canada.
  27. Agree to a joint bombing mission with Russian air forces on ISIS targets in Syria as a symbol of unity against Islamist terrorism.
  28. Freeze all bank payments and financial assets processed via the SWIFT system which are used to fund ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Hamas.
  29. Terminate the F-35, Littoral Combat Ship(LCS), George HW Bush aircraft carrier, and Zumwalt weapon system programs. Restore older systems and give General Mattis time to revise Pentagon acquisition and modernization standards.
  30. Revoke all Pentagon orders blocking Judeo-Christian Chaplin’s to serve as such in the U.S. military services.
  31. Order the SEC and DoJ to investigate financial transaction and political activities of George Soros.
  32. Release all documents related to the Hillary Clinton investigation.
  33. Fire James Comey and his second.
  34. Appoint conservative judges to all openings at the Federal level.
  35. Nominate Austrian/monetarist bankers and economists for the openings at the Federal Reserve.
  36. Revoke the Obama ICANN orders and restore control back to the United States.
  37. Declare a 90 day freeze on all asset/money transfers of under $5000.00 from the United States to Mexico and Latin America by individuals to validate that money laundering for illegal activities are not being conducted.
  38. Void the White House Press guild and revoke all credentials. Move all White House reporters offsite to the Executive Office Building across the street and remove their offices from the West Wing.
  39. Do not issue press credentials to any participant named in the Wikileaks (Glenn Thrush, John Harwood, etc.).
  40. Do not issue White House press credentials to CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post for their publication of “fake news” relating to Donald Trump and the election.
  41. Grant the first print sit down interview to the best reporter alive today: Matt Drudge.
  42. Order the restoration of the Voice of America and IBB away from it’s NPR like pro-Democrat Party agenda and appoint pro-American reporters while expanding broadcasts into Latin America, Asia, and Africa cancelled in the past 15 years.
  43. Flip the coin at Super Bowl LI.
  44. Ban all Muslim immigrants coming from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for 180 days until procedures are introduced to screen applicants in the host nations. No longer depend on those nations to screen the refugees/immigrants.
  45. Freeze any further authorizations for Mexican trucking companies operations in the U.S.
  46. During the State of the Union speech in February, announce the largest income tax reform program and promise individuals who make less than $250,000 “you will no longer be punished for making a decent living.”
  47. Announce a cancellation of all Obama issued CAFE requirements since 2012.
  48. Announce a program to provide private care options for Veterans and ask Congress to pass a law making it easier to layoff and fire Federal employees.
  49. Begin an investigation of corruption at the Department of Justice, General Services Administration, and Pentagon by appointing independent prosecutors for each.
  50. Announce the return of 40% of all Federal lands back to the states.
  51. Revoke all Obama era delays on mining and pipeline approvals.
  52. Roll back all illegal EPA regulations on the coal industry and electrical generation back to 1996 standards.
  53. Announce a program to give coal companies a two year Federal tax free exemption to rehire and restart dormant mines.
  54. Ask Congress to ratify a tax break for railroads to improve and modernize tracks and bridges; failure to do so within 24 months however would result in strict penalties against applicant companies.
  55. Pardon Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier and remind the nation he was guilty of less than Hillary Clinton did.
  56. Ask Congress to pass a new law regarding security banning the use of non-U.S. government servers and systems for any communications while serving in the Government.
  57. Fire all government employees who spoke at, wrote for, or supported the climate change nonsense.
  58. Declare that NAFTA is officially frozen until further notice until a summit to re-negotiate aspects and abuses is held at Trump Tower in New York City.
  59. Ask Congress to pass a law limiting private universities tax free exemptions on endowments to $100 million dollars. All universities with over $250 million within their private endowments will no longer be qualified for Federal assistance to students or faculty.
  60. Remove all nutritional requirements established by the Federal Department of Education and FDA upon the states.
  61. Ask Congress to remove all special exemptions for Hollywood television, movie, and other productions within the Federal tax code (started this month by the current Congress, needs to be codified permanently).
  62. Ask the FBI to begin an investigation of the Black Lives Matter organization.
  63. Remove the current TSA screening procedures and order the agency to profile REAL threats instead. (Translation: Quit looking up my 80 year old mother’s skirt you dirtbags!)
  64. Demand that Congress change the financial donation requirements for elections to unlimited amounts as long as each donation to a candidate is documented and made public. This should eradicate the need for PACs.
  65. Ask Congress to pass a law banning the payment of Social Security and unemployment benefits to non-citizens.
  66. Require biometric validation of all Green Card applicants.
  67. Freeze all foreign transfer payments and assets of nations refusing to accept criminal illegal aliens back into their nation. Yes, that includes you Canada and Mexico.
  68. Place Sudan on the terrorist nation list.
  69. Announce the agreement to supply South Korea with tactical nuclear weapons technology if North Korea refuses to dispose of their nuclear weapons and programs.
  70. Ask Congress to pass a universal Carry Concealed Weapons reciprocity law applicable to all 50 states and U.S. territories.
  71. Ask Congress to restore the special corporate tax status to Puerto Rico so industry will relocate there from Ireland, etc.
  72. Expand Gitmo and announce that all Islamist terrorist currently serving time in U.S. prisons will be transferred there. Remove all “special snowflake” privileges they currently enjoy.
  73. Get rid of the National Endowment for the Arts.
  74. Remove all tax exempt privileges for foreign governments using U.S. colleges and universities for their own nation’s research. It’s either joint research or you pay freeloaders.
  75. Propose two years mandatory military service for non-collegiate, unemployed 18 year old males and females.
  76. Ban all government assistance for individuals who test positive for any drugs.
  77. Declare the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday (Okay, that’s my liver speaking).
  78. Propose the repeal of Dodd-Frank; propose a modified modernized version of Glass-Steagall which allows diverse investment and banking options but limiting government liability. In turn force the banks to sell high-yield, high risk bonds into a national insurance program pool to cover “too big to fail” bank operations.
  79. Add a provision that individuals who earn less than $200,000 per year can borrow against their 401K for up to 5 years without penalty in the event of unemployment or family emergency.
  80. Repeal all mandatory family leave programs enforced by the U.S. government.
  81. Request that Congress pass a law permitting a 15% reduction of government personnel by the end of 2018.
  82. Privatize Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and all other GSA’s by 2018.
  83. Sell off all student loan assets. Currently delinquent student loans can be issued to the IRS collections department or sold off to private entities at auction.
  84. Begin a Presidential Scholarship Program where the American students with the highest 0.1% grades and test scores get financial guarantees into any collegiate institution they desire.
  85. Restore and improve the military pension program by selling a modern Victory Bond where citizens can invest in our soldiers tax free for up to 30 years and in return our soldiers get a bump in their monthly retirement payments.
  86. Create a tax free corporate incentive to allow investments in individual students and colleges which provide the skills necessary for AMERICAN (and only AMERICAN) students to advance and prospers.
  87. Restrict H1B visas for 1 year until the program is analyzed for abuses.
  88. Ask Congress to pass a law allowing Japanese, Israeli, and European nations to bid on defense contracts to improve quality and availability to the U.S. military. The only provision is that the foreign entity must build or subcontract to a manufacturing facility inside the United States upon winning said contract yet they will retain control and profitability.
  89. Order the DoJ to end all “hate crimes” prosecutions and investigations.
  90. After reforming and passing a modernized Glass-Steagall act after the repeal of Dodd-Frank, ask for authorization to merge and expand enforcement and investigative arms of the SEC with the FBI to improve efficiency.
  91. Remove Kwanza as a recognized Federal holiday.
  92. Declare that any American recognized as a foreign terrorist participant (like those clowns at ISIS and AQ), have voided their passports and as such are nullified for U.S. citizenry protection unless they submit a request for a hearing in a U.S. Federal Court.
  93. Offer $50,000+ bonuses to the 800+ pilots from the USAF and USN who are retiring from the services in 2016-2017 as a stopgap to buy time for two to three years until new pilots can fill their positions. This should pause and prevent the gap in necessary manpower for at least 36 months.
  94. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Veterans Administration for criminal activity in the past 8 years plus.
  95. Start a program to order the Border Patrol/ICE to begin spot inspections of corporate agricultural operations and other facilities suspected of illegally hiring illegal aliens. Submit the employers to public humiliation and fines as they are discovered.
  96. Begin infrastructure construction programs with modernized interstate highways in areas needed within the U.S. for non-human operated vehicles (including semis) plus options for human operated vehicles.
  97. Propose the Gigabyte Program to provide tax relief to corporations and incentives to communities to install maximum speed broadband overriding local ordinance (often designed to block competition) and expand availability more individuals and companies nationwide.
  98. Nominate John Bolton as Director of National Intelligence.
  99. Ask Congress to grant tax free status to all U.S. territories to improve competitiveness with China and other nations.
  100. Propose a national minimum wage of $9.00 per hour but for individuals aged 14-20 the minimum shall be $5.75 per hour.

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  1. Tim Young | 20/12/2016 at 21:40 |

    I wish I had voted for you. Wow if half that list gets done our country has a future !

  2. Zetetic | 20/12/2016 at 22:00 |

    Great list!
    101. Revocation of welfare and benefits for anyone identified causing loss of revenue, loss of wages, or theft during protesting or rioting. (unless I missed this in the list – I am sure you can word it better)

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