Israel Ready to take Wounded From Aleppo; Obama Yells “Fore”

by John Galt
December 20, 2016 22:00 ET

In what can only be called another pathetic example from the Impotent Lame Duck in Chief of the United States (ILCDUS or ‘dickless’ for short), the Jewish state of Israel and its leader have agreed to help in this human catastrophe by treating the wounded from Aleppo. From the Times of Israel earlier today:

Netanyahu: Israel ready to take in wounded Syrians from Aleppo


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that he instructed his government to find ways to extend medical assistance to Syrians injured in the latest round of fighting, especially those from the embattled city of Aleppo.

“We see the tragedy of terrible suffering of civilians and I’ve asked the Foreign Ministry to seek ways to expand our medical assistance to the civilian casualities of the Syrian tragedy, specifically in Aleppo where we’re prepared to take in wounded women and children, and also men if they’re not combatants,” Netanyahu told foreign journalists during a meeting in Jerusalem.

“We’d like to do that: Bring them to Israel, take care of them in our hospitals as we’ve done with thousands of Syrian civilians. We’re looking into ways of doing this; it’s being explored as we speak.”

Addressing foreign reporters and diplomats at the Government Press Office’s annual New Year’s reception, Netanyahu said he sees no end of the fighting and that he could not imagine a peaceful resolution to the civil war that would restore the pre-war status quo.“Do I see a resolution of the Syrian situation? No,” he said emphatically. “It’s certainly not going to be one happy Syria, that’s for sure. Will it be a united Syria? I doubt it. You have enclaves there and I don’t think they’re about to disappear.”

There is great suffering among the country’s civilian population, but there is very little Israel could do to help them, the prime minister added. “I don’t know if we can resolve [the Syrian civil war]. But we can help mitigate some of the suffering, that’s the best that Israel can do.”

Israel and its northern neighbour have formally been at war for decades but following the outbreak of the Syrian civil war it has been treating casualties, including wounded fighters. More than 2,000 Syrians have been treated in Israeli hospitals since 2013, according to the Israeli army.

Weird. I have yet to hear anything from President Obama other than the scream of “fore” even though it was his policies that helped to create this disaster in Aleppo.

Kudos to Bibi Netanyahu to attempt a peaceful overture to one of Israel’s oldest enemies in the Middle East with this offer of assistance. Assad should welcome this offer and attempt to stabilize his relationship with Israel before attempting to finish the job on the Saudi/Qatari sponsored Islamists currently destroying his nation.

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