Another Reason to Avoid Constitution Hating Starbucks Coffee: Bumrage

by John Galt
December 27, 2016 20:50 ET

As if my readers need another reason to avoid the nightmare chain known as Starbucks Coffee which is run by an anti-American anti-Constitution group of corporate officers, this video should remind all of us why this company needs to be avoided like the plague, or Kellogg’s:

Starbucks are homeless dirtbag magnets. The liberals who partake there often share money with the bums and when the company or a patron refuses to give up their hard earned money to accommodate their lifestyle, well, you get:


Now there is no evidence that the individual guilty of trashing this Tampa area Starbucks is a bum, but she is facing some charges which run counter to the theory that marijuana does not cause violence, etc. From WTSP-10 in Tampa:

A woman walked into the Riverview Starbucks on Tuesday morning asking for change for the bus and when she was told that the register does not open for change, she trashed the popular coffee shop.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says Abigail Rowe, 32, of Riverview, had been trespassed from the same location on Monday when she walked in and requested change and then started dumping stuff out of a bag on a table in the store.

When Rowe was refused change, she went on a rampage in the Riverview Starbucks. She started throwing chairs and knocking over displays.


Charming mughshot eh?

Of course there is more to the story:

“The lady had no regard whatsoever,” said McHugh. “When she started shoving over displays, she actually pushed one into my daughter, who wasn’t injured.”

Deputies responded to the location and arrested her for criminal mischief. She was also charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after drugs were found on her.

Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks Coffee.

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  1. Mrs B. | 28/12/2016 at 00:59 |

    I just read your article and it is sad that you found the need to categorize her so quickly without knowing her story. I actually know her. First of all for your own clarity she is not a bum. She is actually a homeowner and a college educated professional. She, like anyone else, is human and unfortunately has experienced a mental breakdown that has affected her after having gone through the trauma of losing her father last month. This outrage does not define who she is. Those who know her knows this is not the same Abigail. You never know what can happen in a blink of an eye or how circumstances in life can affect you.

    Perhaps, watch the movie “Collateral Beauty – where Will Smith plays the role of a successful man who suffered manic outrages after the death of his child. That film tells the story of reality for many.

    Mental health is a serious thing that affects people in various ways. This is what you should be raising awareness about vs trying to make this a way to justify your political beliefs.

    Her behavior had nothing to do with Starbucks or marijuana.
    You don’t know what she is going through and your article doesn’t make it easier for her or her loved ones.

    • I did not say she was a bum. I said the following “Now there is no evidence that the individual guilty of trashing this Tampa area Starbucks is a bum” so to assert that she is one because of the title is incorrect. If that is her problem and her family cares so much, they should seek professional help for her and have her confined for her own safety until she is well.

      Secondly, I’ve seen it firsthand. Hostile homeless individuals walking into stores, including Starbucks, accosting customers and engaging in raging fits of screaming and cursing when customers or vendors refuse to provide change or free samples. Starbucks is however a magnet for this behavior. Sorry if you don’t like my lack of sympathy for the mentally ill or homeless, but it’s time that normal hard working average people have the ability to go to school, grocery stores, coffee shops, and other public areas without being accosted or harassed by these individuals. The solution for mentally ill individuals is not the streets but hospitals and halfway houses. However the ACLU and liberals ensured that this solution would never occur again with their legal argument that individuals have an unwritten Constitutional right to defecate on sidewalks and publicly harass businessmen.

    • ontoiran | 30/12/2016 at 09:52 |

      making excuses for people who won’t control themselves is not helping them

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