Here is John Kerry’s Precious Palestinians Handing out Candy and Sweets after Terrorist Attack Today (Video)

by John Galt
January 8, 2017 19:25 ET

After the obscene vote in the United Nations several weeks ago by the United States which basically reversed fifty years of American foreign policy, John Kerry doubled down with an absurd speech which basically said that U.S. foreign policy is dictated by Tehran and Riyadh:

I hope President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry each ate a candy bar to celebrate their evil folly after this happened in Israel today:

The blood of those Israeli soldiers is on the hands of those leaders in the U.S. who blessed their actions, especially the Democrat Party, Kerry, and Obama.

Meanwhile in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas controlled area of the Gaza Strip was there mourning or regret for this terrorist attack?


They passed out candy and sweets:

I hope Netenyahu and Trump crush these animals, economically and militarily.

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