Trump Keeps Winning: Fiat Chrysler Announces $1 Billion Investment in OH and MI, Creates 2000 Jobs

by John Galt
January 8, 2017 18:05 ET

I’m not a hardcore Trumper, but I have to admit, this is fun to watch. With Fiat Chrysler America (FCA) announcing the relocation of Dodge Ram Truck production from Mexico to Michigan and Ohio, plus creating 2,000 new jobs in the process the UAW leadership and the Democrats have to be squirming.

From the BBC report:

Fiat Chrysler commits $1bn to US plants

Under the plan it will also move the production of a Ram pickup truck from Mexico to the US.

The location of car production has become a sensitive political issue since the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election.

He recently attacked GM for producing one of its vehicles in Mexico and has threatened tariffs on imported cars.

FCA said its announcement was the second phase of a plan, first outlined in January, to expand in the market for pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles (SUVs).

It will invest in a plant in Michigan, so that it can produce two new Jeep SUVs and take on the production of a Ram truck, currently made in Mexico.

An Ohio plant will be retooled to make a new Jeep pickup truck.

As a result FCA says that 2,000 jobs will be added.

So how does that taste Obama? Bitter, still, I’m sure. Apparently corporate America only loved you like they do the whores after bonus time.


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