Why Rick Santelli Probably Can Not Wait to get out of NBC Commie World (Video)

by John Galt
January 8, 2017 14:20 ET

Rick, please, the American people beg you:

When your contract is up, get off that dead end commielib anti-American progressive steaming pile of ratings failure known as CNBC and move over to Fox Business where your honesty will be appreciated.

This morning NBC’s Meet the Press ended up in a debate with the panel which was completely tilted so far left, coffee cups fell off the table:

Don’t miss the part where the so-called “journalists” are called out by Rick Santelli for picking sides and man did Andrea Mitchell and UpChuck Todd acted holier than thou and claimed that they were not biased. What a boatload of b.s. they spewed in the brief reaction.

Of course UpChuck Todd barely offered a whimper when China hacked the Office of Personnel Management and stole the personal information of 23 million current and former U.S. government and military personnel. And of course the other guests on the show today John “Manchurian Candidate McCain and Lindsissy Graham were equally as quiet about imposing sanctions on China for that hack but because they do not receive any political contributions from Russia, Putin is fair game.

Please Rick, we beg you for your own sanity: GTFO.

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