Two Classic Italian-American Goombas Drop the Bomb on Libtards (Video – Warning Strong Language)

by John Galt
January 28, 2017 17:17 ET

Two more people I will have to buy a few pitchers of beer for if they drift down to Siesta Key, FL.

Just freaking awesome:

(h/t Kevin Jackson, the Blacksphere)

  • Uncle-Archie

    Five stars.

  • Hedge

    Yeah they do! God Bless these deplorable motherfer’s!!! The only problem is they still think Hitler was an evil man. They still believe the lies. Google… The Greatest Story Never Told.

  • TxMan

    Classic! Lol

  • JasonL77

    Haha…that was…awesome!

  • droid1

    Lol, best!
    These guys speak the truth.

  • Mitch Dabbs

    I love NY.

  • Cosmo

    Ha! Why don’t they tell us what they really think?

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