Another George W Bush Appointee Favors Terrorists over Taxpayers

by John Galt
February 3, 2017 21:40 ET

The last time a George W. Bush appointed Judge decided to re-write the Constitution, the horse’s ass elected himself to impose taxes upon the citizenry in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution because he was ‘scared’ to rule according to the law and offend a politically charged nation at that time.

Yeah, that ass.

Tonight, Judge James Robart created law out of his ass by creating a fiction where the Executive Order issued mentions nothing about Muslims at all, nor violates the powers granted to the President in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution. From TheHill:

Lawyers for the government had argued the states lacked standing to sue, according to the Seattle Times, and that the order was within Trump’s executive powers.

But the judge rejected that argument, saying the states had already suffered harm from the travel ban. He also said the lawsuit challenging the legality of the order has a good chance of succeeding.

Again, there is no visible nor demonstrated actual ‘harm’ committed upon the state of Washington hence there can be no standing claiming religious discrimination from this Executive Order. This judge is as incompetent as Justice Robert’s Obamacare ruling and once again illustrates the arrogance of the black robes in refusing to abide by the very laws they swore an oath to uphold.

Article II of the Constitution specifically spells out the Executive Branch’s responsibility as Commander-in-Chief and thus as part of this, the Congress decades ago passed the laws within the U.S. Code which validates the President’s right to regulate immigration and if necessary suspend such in the national interest for the safety and defense of the United States.

Based on his performance tonight, and the bizarre illegal justification for his ruling tonight, it is my hope that he is impeached by the House of Representatives in the weeks to come so as to set an example to prevent more judges from putting themselves above the Constitution and in violation of their oath to Article III and our Bill of Rights.

It is time to put these self-centered fools back into their place to start ending the tyranny of the Courts.

UPDATE 2/4/17 15:30 ET –

An outstanding opinion piece at, Dan Abrams’ legal blog, outlined the case law and precedents which blow this Bush appointees ruling last night out of the water, and it goes without saying is a must read:

Seattle Judge is Wrong and Overreached With Nationwide Injunction on Travel Ban


Noting that “neither declaratory nor injunctive relief can directly interfere with enforcement of contested statutes or ordinances except with respect to the particular federal plaintiffs,” the Supreme Court warned against extending its reach beyond “the particular federal plaintiffs” in the case. Doran v. Salem Inn, Inc., 422 U.S. 922 (1975). The Seattle order tries to apply itself to millions of people around the globe. And folks think only brain surgeons look in the mirror and see God.

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