Glenn Beck Goes Full Drama Queen Claiming he Needs Bodyguards for Trump Supporters BUT there’s just one fact…

by John Galt
February 7, 2017 19:15 ET

Today the Washington Examiner had what they thought was a revealing story shared from the leftist publication The Atlantic, which would shock the talk radio fandom world:

Fearing Trump supporters, Glenn Beck travels with bodyguards

The story by Eddie Scarry is full of great tidbits like this one:

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck is claiming he has begun traveling with two bodyguards following death threats from supporters of President Trump.

Beck was a frequent critic of Trump during the campaign and has continued to cast Trump as a threat to conservatism and even an oppositional force to Christians.

Beck endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz during the Republican primary.

“It is not fun,” Beck said in an interview with the Atlantic magazine published Monday. “I don’t cherish it, but I value the truth more than I’m afraid of retribution.”

Hmmm, truth. What a novel concept. Perhaps Mr. Scarry should have done some basic background research on this story using journalistic tools like “Google” as I did to challenge Mr. Beck’s claims.

A little bit of the truth might be that since the mid-2000’s Glenn has had a cadre of bodyguards after he said on the air that he had been receiving death threats due to his stand on Islamic radicalism and other political stands.

In fact he had spoken with some of them on the air, one of which he called “Adam” if memory serves me right, talking about how the protection was needed due to his public stances while George W. Bush was still President.

Here is more from the Examiner article:

Beck said in the interview that he travels with two bodyguards after receiving death threats from Trump supporters and that he’s “worried all the time” about the new president.

“I don’t think the president of the United States should worry about me and my voice,” he said. “I’m hoping the presidency weighs on him.”

Weird. He’s had a security detail for years but never said openly he was scared of Obama or Bush. In fact, until his ratings started to drop after the election and his stance on President Trump, nary a word was spoken about having the same number of bodyguards in his security detail or more depending on where he traveled was ever mentioned. I too have received threats from Trump supporters, but because I’m always wearing Sandy, I never made a big deal about it. I lost people who I thought were friends, readers, and former listeners because I refused to put on the hat and become a full time Trump supporter, yet I never whined and kept my electoral integrity by voting for the Constitution Party as I have in the past. I plowed on after the election, declared my support for the President and his policies and simply stated that we should all “trust but verify.”

Then again, this story appearing today screams for a declaration of the same hypocrisy he and his staff assign to the Trumpers and liberals.

For example,  he has spoken about his security detail before and it is public record, such as this story from his own “news” website, The Blaze in 2012:

Glenn Beck’s SUV Was Totaled This Weekend — And We Have the Pictures!


In fact, despite the amazing moment, Beck said his reaction was quite calm. “Well let’s go say our prayers, and go to bed,” he said he told his family as the mangled vehicle lay at the bottom of the hill. While most of the story was lighthearted, he later added that one of the members of his security detail thought Beck’s son was still in the car, ran into the vehicle as it was starting to slide, checked the SUV one last time, and escaped just as the vehicle began to tumble.

Or this story from the NY Post’s Page Six in 2009 after Obama’s election:

Glenn Beck not taking any chances

Controversial Fox News host Glenn Beck is now travelling with an armed guard. Guests at the other day’s preview of Broadway musical “Memphis” noticed Beck was closely accompanied — even to the men’s room — by a bodyguard with a gun partially concealed under his jacket. Beck, who famously accused President Obama of being “a racist,” tweeted after the show: “Just got back from ‘Memphis’ on Broadway. Amazing cast & music. 2 songs abt Hope & Change. rlly? Only 2?” A rep for Beck declined to comment.

In other words, he’s always had bodyguards and a security detail which patrols his home, radio studios, and wherever he travels for over a decade. To make it sound like all of the sudden he needed bodyguards is just a bit sad.

Also, to suddenly say he needs them for “Trump supporters” is not only hypocritical, but pathetic. This story is a cry for help. A cry for help from a man whose radio empire is shaky at best while his online internet broadcast network was mismanaged into the ground allowing other startups to overtake him.

It is sad that it has come to this, using Trump to boost his own crybaby factor, but that’s where he is at now. He is not the man I met in early 2001 at WFLA in Tampa, nor nearly as entertaining as he was a decade ago. I won’t feel sorry for him but will feel pity for him as this is not how real men behave; when knocked down you get up, get stronger, and save your company by acting better.

Not seeking cheap publicity with stories like that one in the Washington Examiner and The Atalantic.

10 Comments on "Glenn Beck Goes Full Drama Queen Claiming he Needs Bodyguards for Trump Supporters BUT there’s just one fact…"

  1. Biker Eagle | 07/02/2017 at 21:25 |

    When Beck abandoned his blackboard, he simultaneously became all touchy-feely. I’m thinking he’s had a breakdown of sorts…probably due to mismanagement of his company. Should have hired a real good business manager, but too late as he has permanently sullied his brand.

    • I’m still waiting to hear how he repaid or repays the huge bond sold by his company several years ago (it’s public record at the SEC via EDGAR)

      • Jaime Allred | 13/02/2017 at 16:02 |

        Do you have a link. I’d like to read that!

          • Jaime Allred | 13/02/2017 at 20:30 |

            Just finished looking at the SEC DOC. The last filing they only had 5 investors. I wasn’t sure if the Blaze was “Loaned” the total funds, or only received the amt. invested minus commission. I also just found this –
            TheBlaze Launches BrandStudio Agency -> They are now an AD agency touting marketing. All those Company Accounts. though, are his own advertisers. Seemed bazaar.
            His sycophants will be devoted, but I recognize his Schtick. He claims to be a man of God, but he lies. This was even confirmed in a Magazine interview, where he said it all about the Money. He rented his followers email info to Trump, Cruz, and admitted would do same for Hillary – “It’s Business, he claimed”. His show is stale and today was using the exact same “The Gov’t is coming to get your Assets”, Verbatim minus Obama. His pattern = Unity, Conflict Division, Lie, Apology, then Unity, Conflict Division, Lie, Apology. Many former fans, noticed same pattern.
            Glenn Beck is a charlatan. I too can no longer defend GB.

          • He also claimed he would never borrow money yet sold shares in the company. It’s pathetic. He’s using his fame to keep a dying enterprise afloat and his “NeverTrump” mantra to maintain some degree of “libertarian” legitimacy when he voted for Evan McMuffin. It truly is a sad state of affairs.

        • Enjoy. He’s in deep financial trouble and claimed he “would never take on debt” but converted the $40 million offering into equity. Of course he didn’t sell it but hey, who gives a crap about facts. He’s a huckster.

          Just like Father Coughlin.

          I can no longer defend his actions or garbage he broadcasts.

    • Jaime Allred | 13/02/2017 at 16:02 |

      Glenn’s personal belief that Cruz was annointed by God, and the White Horse Prophesy, caused him to break down. If you truly believe this, and yet it doesn’t happen + Cruz joining Trump – all belief system frazzled. Listen to his Breakdown Call with Cruz. I hold him personally responsible for starting the Trump Nazi/Dictator Mantra. He went on all MSM and Promoted this hateful Rhetoric. Now, that’s all the Left Chants!

  2. Jaime Allred | 13/02/2017 at 15:57 |

    I saw Beck in 2014 – he was surrounded by Body Guards. I’ve watched Beck since his CNN days. I’ve notices a pattern he uses on his radio program. It is such a regular pattern, that I can not longer listen.
    Unity, conflict, divisive, Lying, Apology, then repeats. Today, he Said verbatim (change out to new POTUS name), about POTUS taking Assets. He took Trump’s statement completely out of context. Beck, used this to tell his audience that the POTUS is going to take assets/cash away from Citizens. Then que up Goldline. He said the EXACT SAME of OBAMA! Beck has lost all credibility, to include his Mercury One Charity. 3 Board Members Barton gave $100k to his own Wall builders Charity – T.Beck gave $100K to the School she works at. Joe Kerry, senior vice president of Beck’s company, also Board Member. Beck is now asking for donations for A Museum, yet according to his IRS 990 forms he already has one. He claims he has Personal Artifacts – (Washington’s Don Quixote), yet his Charity claims purchase these.
    He Wants Washington Accountable, yet His Charity Isn’t. Still waiting for IRS 990 Forms for ’15-’16.
    Charity Navigator has a 0 rating for Mercury One = Not Transparent!

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