The Envirowhackos file their First WTF Lawsuit against Scott Pruitt and EPA

by John Galt
February 23, 2017 21:20 ET

From the WTF files, I swear the left and environmentalist Marxist fruitcakes have officially lost it with this lawsuit:

They are suing Scott Pruitt and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to have the courts to control what?

Temperature pollution in the summertime.

No shit, I’m not making this up.

Here’s the big takeaway from the lawsuit:

If one wishes to impale their eyeballs, get drunk, or do both and read the rest of the lawsuit , it is available at this link.

But the scientific news here is YUGE!

Water is warmer in the summertime.

Cold water fish hate warm water.

Hence, cold water fish species hate summer.


No shit.


I hope that the EPA gets real lawyers now and crushes this quickly and starts to launch counter-suits for frivolous lawsuits as this insanity must end.

  • Vincent Miranda

    The lawsuit states that the EPA determined in 2000 that the summer high temperatures were being exacerbated by the damming of the Colorado river.

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