BOOM! Donald Trump Says he Will not Attend White House Correspondents Dinner

by John Galt
February 25, 2017 17:10 ET


Snowflake special person melting alert!

This Tweet just in from The Donald:

Damned straight I’m glad to see someone stand up to these princesses.

It’s about time someone told those over indulgent special snowflake assholes that they are not worth his time or the American people’s time.

  • ron

    I remember how you did not like Trump. Is so great we got a real president, praise Jesus, and we pray you protect him lord.

    • As long as he behaves as a President should, putting the people first and not going full bore Hoover, he will have my support.

  • Tom Jacob

    Hey John, I know this is off topic but I really thought you would like this BBC production of what a potential war with Russia would be like. I hope you would consider finishing your fictional story of the disastrous effects of a Hillary presidency.

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