The Fine Line Between #NeverTrump and #NeverRational

by John Galt
February 26, 2017 20:55 ET

It has come to my attention that there are large swathes of the #NeverTrump movement who have moved from their staunch principled positions into a sphere of irrational berating of those who not only disagree with their viewpoints, but also now act like liberals as they demand you follow their lead. This display of purse clutching and pouting by the #NeverTrump forces is making the defeat they suffered in the Republican primaries and in November not only absurd, but somewhat pathetic because now the efforts are no longer grounded in principles, but bitter personal grudges which are apparent in the tone of their attacks.

The running themes promoted in the last five weeks are something like this:

  1. We have to learn to hold hands with our Marxist enemies, oh, okay, we’ll just call them liberals or “the left” and leave it at that, and do whatever we can together to stop the tyranny of “The Donald” because after all, he’s primed to become a dictator.
  2. America is doomed. President Trump is going to lead us to World War III because the Bilderberg Group will co-opt him and turn him into one of those alien zombies controlled by the bees from the X-Files, hence his family and money is protected forever as he randomly launches ICBM’s against other nations around the world. This is known as the “I can’t sell my survivalist goods and gold on my website conspiracy theory” theory.
  3. The next crowd seems to infest the internet primarily. It’s the group which says I’m so principled I’m going to repeat absurd news items even if it means that my “conservative” blog or website sounds like the Daily Kos or Democrat Underground. That didn’t work out so hot for George Will, and for the vast middle of America aka, flyover country, it gets old quick; REAL QUICK.
  4. The protests are real and genuine and we must do everything we can to help them because look, that is the average American out there. Of course the fact that many in the crowd are carrying signs from the same Marxist and pro-Soros groups doesn’t matter because, uh, dammit, it’s TRUMP!
  5. Globalism is good hence I want to keep the undocumented aliens in America which are my(circle those which apply):

a. Nanny
b. Hair dresser
c. Cook
d. House cleaner
e. Landscaper
f. Employee/fruit picker
g. Drug supplier

There are other variations but 5 weeks into the Trump administration you would swear that he’s re-crucified Christ, raped an intern, and voided the Constitution if one is to believe a lot of these #NeverTrump diehards.

Now look boys and girls, I was #NeverTrump when #NeverTrump was cool. My man was Ted Cruz and he flamed out spectacularly because he hired people qualified to run the 2004 campaign, not where America or the world is now. When he flamed out and Trump went National Enquirer on Cruz, I switched to my traditional alliance which was the most Libertarian candidate running and that wasn’t Gary Johnson; Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party was the obvious choice, not that Bushite RINO loser named after a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich others supported.

Hence my position that I will support his policies as they align with mine and I pray President Trump does a good job. I’m not going to act like an ass and nit-pick every little thing. I’m not going to engage in the ad hominen attacks on his missteps and daily Tweetfest. I want to see policies and action which means I believe in the “trust but verify” strategy for his actions. For those who think they are doing this nation a service with petty attacks and petulant pronouncements that Trump is playing too much golf or he’s on the road to destroying America, one has to reflect on just how wonderful a job the Republican leadership has done since 2000; which is zilch, zero, nada.

Please folks get a grip as being #NeverTrump is one thing but acting #NeverRational is another, to the point of being as childish as the extreme left.

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