The American Health Care Act Replacement for Obamacare has Been Released (Full Text of Bill)

by John Galt
March 6, 2017 19:00 ET

I’m not celebrating yet and will not until Obamacare is repealed, but this bill appears to be a start to getting rid of the horrid experiment of socialized medicine, American style.

The highlights after my cursory reading of the bill is as follows:

  • All mandates, individual and employer based are removed
  • Medical Device tax is repealed
  • Tanning tax is repealed
  • All increase in taxes on Health Savings Accounts over certain dollar amounts are repealed
  • Medicaid expansion is phased out with annual payments to the states to cover low income individuals and families
  • Tax credits available immediately for the purchase of insurance based on age AND income which is recalculated annually

Those are just some of the bigger highlights which of course will trigger the howls and screams from the left starting tonight on their usual propaganda networks. There are other good and bad points in the proposed bill. One of the biggest things which I wanted to see was the ability to sell health insurance across state lines and a repeal of anti-trust provisions but that is not included in the proposal.

Below is the full text of the bill, read for yourself and prepare for Obama to come out and make some sort of hysterical statement to the fawning media, perhaps as early as tomorrow.

2 Comments on "The American Health Care Act Replacement for Obamacare has Been Released (Full Text of Bill)"

  1. Zetetic | 08/03/2017 at 17:11 |

    How about the stupid penalty if you have money left on Flex Spending (dental/vision only) that HSA contributions are withheld for 4 months? A $2 Flex carryover becomes a $120 penalty since HSA would have been pretax.

    • That will be negotiated out. A lot of the stupid aspects will be gone from it. Sadly the defunding of Planned Parenthood will be stripped out also. This is just a start, not the end of this nightmare process. Obama’s evil minions made this a minefield to repeal.

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