WTF News for March 10, 2017: The U.S. has a Department of Environmental Justice

by John Galt
March 10, 2017 18:00 ET

Again, for those not paying attention, just WTF.

From TheHill yesterday:

EPA’s environmental justice head resigns

OK, before I excerpt from this shocking piece of news, I ask again, WTF?

I understand that “poor minorities” can’t go lawsuit happy and defend themselves like us wealthy white folk (anyone who earns over $30,000/year and works).

But I thought that the Sierra Club, PETA, and ACLU along with all those other lawsuit happy lunatics provided cover so they could fund their money laundering operations for the DNC so those poor people wouldn’t have to worry about too much carbon dioxide in the air even though they need it to survive.


The head of the Environmental Protection Agency program aimed at protecting minority populations from pollution has resigned.

Mustafa Ali, who has worked at the EPA for 24 years, is leaving as the Trump administration is proposing to completely defund environmental justice efforts at the EPA.

Ali submitted a resignation letter Wednesday to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt in which he implored the agency’s new leader to take seriously the concerns of minority communities, which often bear the brunt of air and water pollution and live in areas near major industrial centers.

Ah, so this is the crux of the story:

A career bureaucrat that 99% of the American people had never heard of, from a department that 99.9% of us did not know existed has resigned and sent a tear-jerker letter to the mainstream “FakeNews” media via a left wing anti-Capitalist global warming lunatic website is supposed to make us fear that all of the sudden anyone who believes in freedom is going to force feed Dioxin to minority babies at birth.

Got it.

Thankfully Donald Trump realizes what a huge waste of money this is and EPA Director Pruitt is playing along until his leadership can finally kill these huge wastes of taxpayer dollars. Hell, until Twitchy posted a humorous thread on this, I did not even know this department existed.

You learn something new everyday; sometimes to one’s detriment.

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  1. Biker Eagle | 12/03/2017 at 20:43 |

    Overused, but non the less…OMG! The SJW’s and the Progs have gone bat sh!t carzy in 8 years of Kenyan rule.

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