The Progressive Solution to the Executive Order Dilemma Facing President Trump

by John Galt
March 16, 2017 22:45 ET

Poor President Trump.

Just a little over 50 days into his reign in the hellhole known as Washington, D.C. and he and his amateurs have yet to learn how to play the game.

First and foremost the President has to learn rule one of the Washington Fight Club:

1. One does not talk about Fight Club.

He’s violated that one over and over again and thus keeps losing.

How does he start winning again? Per the D.C. Fight Club manual:

2. One plays by our rules or gets kicked out of the Fight Club.

The Constitution does not mean a damned thing, that is what rules 1 and 2 really mean. Thus, it is time for President Trump to shed his imperial draping, put on the brass knuckles and start dishing out some bloody noses and fractured jaws to the Judiciary and Congress to get his way. The most recent Executive Order regarding the so-called Travel Ban which a Hawaiian stoner judge imposed a TRO on is a prime example.

Quit fighting it Donald, get with the program.

First and foremost, their are procedures to make sure the individuals one does not want in this country can be instituted just like President Obama used to keep Caucasian and Asian entrepreneurs from entering our nation or staying should they have been granted green cards prior to 2009. Yet due to the litigious nature of the let at this time, those methods may not prove fruitful. Hence, it is time for the President to use four easy steps, four legal progressive government agencies, to screen and prevent any harm from hitting our nation’s shores.

I. The EPA

President Trump needs to win over the bureaucrats who are not going to be terminated by giving them a purpose, no matter how menial, stupid, insane, or against their personal beliefs it might seem, if they feel there is a purpose to collecting a paycheck then by God they will do everything they can to enforce some stupid theory about global warming or preserving the 3 Horned Farting Frog to save the universe.

For example, the Environmental Protection Agency actually has a web page dedicated to the following:

Technical Review Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessments in the Tourism, Energy and Mining Sectors


The guidelines are a product of regional experts in EIA and the relevant sectors, drawing upon existing materials from within and outside these countries and from international organizations. The guidelines aim to strengthen Environmental Impact Assessment of proposed projects undergoing review by government officials, non-governmental organizations and the general public throughout the life of the projects. The Guidelines are intended to help users:

-identify, avoid, prevent and/or mitigate potential adverse impacts and
-increase potential beneficial impacts.

Translation? The EPA does not take responsibility for the regulatory structures inside of these manuals however they will enforce them. How does this apply to radical Islamists from Syria, Libya, or Yemen? Sheesh, anyone who has dared to farm or did a hole in their back yard should know the answer to this:

Impose the same red tape restrictions on each applicant as is imposed upon American citizens so they can feel assimilated or “more American” like the rest of us.

The President does not need an Executive Order; he can order Scott Pruitt at the EPA to order an environmental impact study for each green card, migrant, or refugee application put forth for any individual to enter into the United States. I mean God Forbid we admit people who have a greater carbon footprint on the United States and the precious ecosystem. Secretary Pruitt should be ordered to establish a 90 day investigative protocol to evaluate the future environmental impact of each immigrant and their impact on our delicate balance between rare animals, plant life, and future Co2 emissions plus an annual estimated carbon footprint for each migrant family.

After the EPA is finished with their evaluation, by Presidential order the background check and impact study results should be completed no more than 90 days later and passed on to the next agency:

II. Health and Human Services

The first question by the average American is what does HHS have to do with a refugee and his family from Syria?

Oh, my God you ignorant slut; EVERYTHING.

One has to understand that this “immigrant” will arrive on American shores without an ACA approved healthcare plan!!!!!!!

Hence, until a suitable replacement is passed by Congress, the Department of HHS must be mandated to evaluate applicants for entry into the United States for no more than 90 days to first identify what the economic impact on the ACA (Obamacare) will be, which plans would be suitable for said immigrant(s), and of course, identifying any and all pre-existing conditions which might impact the cost-benefit analysis to be undertaken by the bureaucrats responsible.

A great point is made by the Department of Health and Human Services in this 2012 analysis from their website:

The Affordable Care Act: Coverage Implications and Issues for Immigrant Families

From the link above:

Lawfully Residing Immigrants with Five Years or Less US Residency

Access to subsidized coverage will also expand under the ACA for non-elderly lawfully residing immigrants with incomes below 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level who have been in the country five years or less. As indicated above, adults in this immigrant category with incomes below 400 percent of the FPL who do not have access to affordable employer-sponsored insurance will be eligible for subsidized coverage in the health insurance exchange; those with incomes below 138 percent of the FPL will not be eligible for Medicaid coverage (except pregnant women under the state option) but can qualify for exchange subsidies if they pay two percent of income. This cost sharing requirement may constitute a barrier to enrollment for some immigrants in this category, particularly for those with incomes below 100 percent FPL. Also, subsidies for out-of-pocket cost-sharing will provide much less generous coverage than that offered through Medicaid, so even if poor immigrant families enroll, many may delay necessary care because of cost. Although qualified immigrants are subject to the mandate, some at the lowest income bracket will be excluded. For lawfully residing immigrant children who have been in the country five years or less, their eligibility for Medicaid and CHIP will continue to depend on the state in which they live those in the 22 states that have opted to cover these children will maintain eligibility for Medicaid and CHIP given the maintenance of effort requirement under the ACA, while other states may choose to take advantage of this coverage option under CHIPRA. As described above, increasing participation among eligible immigrant children will likely depend on addressing a range of different enrollment barriers. Lawfully residing immigrant children who have been in the country five years or less with incomes below 400 percent of the FPL who live in one of the 29 states that are not required by the MOE to continue covering them under Medicaid or CHIP, or who do not live in a state that opts to cover them with state funds, will qualify for subsidized coverage through exchange plans under the ACA, which may in turn reduce their uninsured rates.

Wow. This will require 90 days to analyze, and of course, determine the best plan of coverage in addition to full blood tests, base analysis of family medical history, insurance assignment if not qualified for Medicaid, and of course quarantine to verify non-transmittable diseases to be introduced into the U.S. population which would impact the cost curve for our society. This humane assessment once completed, will result in the prospective immigrants to be passed on to:

III. The Department of Labor

A working family and head of household is a happy family and household. Since the “immigrant” will probably have to surrender their prior profession of goat herder, camel dung recycling supervisor, or IED manufacturing supervisor, retraining and assimilation will be crucial. A 90 day retraining prospectus per applicant depending on their personal skills and emotional beliefs should be designed before these individuals come ashore into the United States so they do not steal jobs from good, hard working, union members.

Since President Obama began a program for Americans which was designed to help citizens adapt to the new economy, and judges have determined that non-citizens not even in this country have the same rights and just like our neighbors in Hawaii or Kentucky, they should qualify for this program that Obama enacted in 2014:

American Job Training Investments: Skills and Jobs to Build a Stronger Middle Class


Today, as part of this effort, the President and Vice President are announcing new federal investments using existing funds to support job-driven training, like apprenticeships, that will expand partnerships with industry, businesses, unions, community colleges, and training organizations to train workers in the skills they need. Employers, unions, and foundations are joining these efforts with new commitments to support job-driven training. These steps are part of President Obama’s commitment to make 2014 a year of action, acting with Congress when possible but also using his pen and his phone – calling on businesses, philanthropy, non-profits, states, and local communities to act.

American Job Training Executive Actions

Partnering Local Businesses with Community Colleges to Put Americans Back to Work Through a Nearly $500 Million Job Training Competition. Today, the Department of Labor is releasing the application for partnerships of community colleges, employers and industry to develop training programs that are job-driven – that is – designed to respond to the demands of employers so people get placed in jobs. As part of a nearly $500 million competition, all grantees will be required to identify sectors with open jobs to fill, partner with the public workforce system and employers in that sector to address the skills needed for these open jobs, and create pathways from entry level positions to more advanced positions to ensure room for growth for employees with even the lowest starting skills levels. This program is a part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance and Community College and Career Training (TAA-CCCT) competitive grant program that has, over the last three years, supported community colleges preparing dislocated workers and other adults for jobs available in their regional economies.

By golly since there so many thousands of applicants wanting to come to the U.S. as “migrants” or “Green Card” or “refugees” it is only ‘humane’ to ensure they have adequate ability to find work. Thus taking 90 days to evaluate and assign retraining programs to these newfound eager beavers from Yemen, etc. is the right thing to do.

After the Department of Labor finishes their duties, they can pass the applicant on to:

IV. The Department of Education

The United Nations has provided the basis for concern regarding refugees and their families:

UNHCR reports crisis in refugee education


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, released a report today showing that more than half – 3.7 million – of the 6 million school-age children under its mandate have no school to go to.

Some 1.75 million refugee children are not in primary school and 1.95 million refugee adolescents are not in secondary school, the report found. Refugees are five times more likely to be out of school than the global average.

“This represents a crisis for millions of refugee children,” said Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees. “Refugee education is sorely neglected, when it is one of the few opportunities we have to transform and build the next generation so they can change the fortunes of the tens of millions of forcibly displaced people globally.”

Since our American bureaucracy has no reason to doubt the efficacy of this information from the report linked above, the Department of Education must be tasked by President Trump with a 90 day review for assignment of education analysis to determine the where, what, and how each individual should be educated to deal with the stressful impact of leaving their homes and coming to a nation where once they were farmers means learning how to deal with “Farmville.”

If the children are so far beyond hope, in other words incapable of demonstrating basic math, English, or climate change learning skills, it is the duty of the U.S. government to remove these children and give them a primary school education outside of their parent’s influence, just like they do American kids, so they can function in our society. Once the re-education process is completed then and only then shall the migrants and their children be assigned a state to live in with a suitable public education program tailored to their needs.

This process shall take no more than 90 days. Once it is completed, barring objections from the assigned state of residency (AK, CT, MA, VT, CA, WI, OR, WA, MN, HI, RI, MD, NY, NJ, NM, CO), the family and its children shall be moved there with a government stipend no later than 360 days from the beginning of the process. Should the process be accelerated because they are deemed “in danger” by appropriate Federal judges, the families shall be moved immediately to a safe location while the review process is completed:

By using the appropriate government agencies, President Trump can show he really does care. And in the mean time, Club Gitmo can go full condo or time-share for its new temporary residents!


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