03.24 15:38 ET – BREAKING NEWS – AHCA Bill Withdrawn from House Vote per Fox News!

by John Galt
March 24, 2017 15:38 ET

**** 15:45 ET – UPDATE ***

Trump asked Ryan to withdraw the bill!!! Now they both look like idiots!!!


Just breaking live on FNC that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan withdrew the AHCA bill from consideration and a vote tonight.

Let the circus begin!

Live coverage on Fox News at this link.

  • Zetetic

    Are you telling me is the 60+ times they sent ACA repeal to Obama was just to get reelcted and they had no intention of ever really doing it?!? [insert shocked face here]

    • Ryan and Reince had the insurance industry help them draft this bill. Trump is not innocent as he let Reince and company have a free hand at this. Now they’ve screwed the pooch and decided to blame conservatives. It’s pathetic.

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