With 65% of the Vote, Guess who Won the French Election?

by John Galt
May 5, 2017 15:05 ET

The headlines from the mainstream media and French newspapers do not do this story justice.

The truth is that after the Brexit vote the European elites were going to fight at every turn to ensure the survival of the European Union. Thus a huge effort was poured into the Dutch elections to prevent a nationalist surge and potential end to the redistribution of Islamic “refugees” throughout the continent. Meanwhile the United States voted for a Reality TV show star who threatened to change American economic and foreign policy into an America First nationalist idealism but has since caved to the allure of globalist participation (and profit).

Hence the European Union is putting everything into blocking any further moves to the radical left or nationalist “right” during the elections underway. Expect more interference in state elections throughout Europe by the European Central Bank and interested American investment bankers to prevent any more changes to the status quo.

The big winner however is the nation which controls the EU and ECB, and that goes without saying:

Meanwhile in currency trading which just opened in Asia, the Euro has barely hit 1.10 which means the election was already baked into the calculations of traders and this was, as the Dutch election, etc., a non-event (chart via Bloomberg):

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