More #WINNING: Illegals Fleeing to Canada Trapped in Limbo

by John Galt
June 26, 2017 19:45 ET

Uh, so much for this per our Canuckistan neighbors:

The Prime Minister of Canada, a socialist ballet dancer who knows zero about squat, now has a new problem (via the UK Daily Mail):

Thousands of illegal immigrants who fled to Canada in fear of Trump are trapped in legal limbo without jobs, permanent homes or schools for their kids

First off, I feel sorry for the kids.

It’s not their choice that their parents were stupid enough to flee Obama’s socialist utopia (snicker) to go to Justain Trudeau’s Marxist heaven (double snicker).

The parents and hippy Americans all thought that this nation of less than 100,000,000 could accommodate several tens of thousands of dumb asses who don’t want to work for a living and achieve ultimate refugee/welfare status and low and behold, there are a few laws which may or may not apply depending on socialist weenie judges mood of the day. Because God forbid the original laws of the Commonwealth have any influence on those Marxist Morons controlling the formerly great hockey power to our north.

From the UK Daily Mail story (excerpted):

Canada’s refugee system was struggling to process thousands of applications even before 3,500 asylum seekers began crossing the U.S. border on foot in January.

It lacks the manpower to complete security screenings for claimants and hear cases in a timely manner.

Often there are not enough tribunal members to decide cases or interpreters to attend hearings, the IRB said.

More than 4,500 hearings scheduled in the first four months of 2017 were cancelled, according to the IRB data.

The government is now focused on clearing a backlog of about 24,000 claimants, including people who filed claims in 2012 or earlier.

That means more than 15,000 people who have filed claims so far this year, including the new arrivals from the United States, will have to wait even longer for their cases to be heard.

Weird. States like California want to admit everyone despite the Federal Government’s laws but Canuckistan can not? Perhaps the Mehicans cannot speak French, thus the discrimination displayed by our neighbors to the Great White North.

Tonight President Trump just has to be:

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  1. KJHanover | 27/06/2017 at 04:22 |

    Is this rich or what! WE are supposed to take them; we are no-good bigots! How dare we expect to monitor them! See what happens when the proverbial shoe is on the other foot/country!

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