Even Rush Didn’t Get why Trump Unloaded on Psycho Joe and Low I.Q. Crazy Mika

by John Galt
June 29, 2017 20:55 ET


The President started another firestorm in the #FakeStreamMedia today with these two Tweets early this morning:

The wording was unfortunate but effective and befuddled his supporters while enraging his detractors. In fact the entire day was spent with commentary, insults, and analysis of these two Tweets even to the point where Rush Limbaugh even admitted he could not understand why the President would say those things.

From the DailyRushbo.com:

While I am not one to claim superior theoretical insight into the inner workings of Donald J. Trump, as I have not played golf with or dined with the President like Rush has, I am pretty good at pattern recognition.


And now the pattern is becoming crystal clear.

If one wishes to witness the pattern, an apparently crude, yet effective strategy for dealing with the stupid dogs in the #FakeStreamMedia, this video sums it up perfectly:


That’s right boys and girls, President Trump has embraced a somewhat brilliant strategy of deflecting, confusing, and diffusing the heat of the GOP’s weak Senate and House leadership by putting the firestorm on himself while they attempt to cut deals, pass legislation, or sneakily push through 5 or 10 judges in a short time period.

While mutts in the media are chasing their tail, or an invisible squirrel (aka outrageous Trump Tweet or statement), the administrative state is being de-constructed by the Trump Cabinet and the GOP leadership can actually keep the heat off of themselves as they act.

Every time a major event, meeting, news narrative (aka, the Republicans want to kill grandma by cutting Medicaid), or scandal deflects from where Trump wants the daily story to go, he creates a new outrage, takes the heat, never apologizes, and infuriates the extremist left opposition and moderate RINOs.


So remember folks, treat the #FakeStreamMedia like the dumb dogs that they are, throw a bone or a stick their way and eventually they might return back to the subject they were humping our legs about in the beginning.

Or maybe the squirrel is from Moscow….

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  1. Zetetic | 29/06/2017 at 22:57 |

    Trump has something no president has had before. He wastes it poking at the media and endless tweets about how he is horribly mistreated. Instead of the CNN firings being a win, he has now changed the focus to this stupid name calling that was childish during the Primaries and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

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