How the Libertarian Party is Losing its Soul and Moving Radically Left

by John Galt
June 29, 2017 20:15 ET


In late 2003, President George W. Bush started pushing the insane idea of open border amnesty. I was already quite frustrated with his administration for giving the Saudi royals a pass for the financial support from various wealthy Saudi citizens who were both members of the royal family and wealthy Sheiks,  but then the prospect of granting an amnesty while inflicting the TSA and Patriot Act on actual American citizens was too much for me to handle.

Shortly after the attempted Bush-McCain amnesty push began, I burned my Republican Party membership card and started returning their fundraising requests with one of these in every envelope:

I switched to my natural inclination of Constitution minded liberty lovers and registered as a Libertarian.

After this story from PJ Media tonight, I will be burning my Libertarian membership card and re-register as an independent:

Libertarian Party Opposing ‘Stupid’ Travel Ban as They Craft 2018 Strategy

Excerpt from the article:

Libertarian National Committee Chairman Nicholas Sarwark on Monday appealed to all groups “oppressed by the American government,” calling President Trump’s travel ban against Muslims ridiculous and un-American.

Un-American? Apparently Mr. Sarawak has been smoking way too much of loser Gary Johnson’s weed supply. But it gets worse as the article highlights below:

Sarwark during a conference call on Monday evening said that Libertarians have stood up against the “stupid” Muslim ban.

“That’s the most ridiculous, un-American thing I’ve ever seen, and it violates the clear letter of the statute,” he said. “I hope the Supreme Court gets it right, but even if they don’t, we need to be standing up there and saying, ‘This is something wrong. This is something we shouldn’t do as Americans. We shouldn’t limit the ability of peaceful people to come to this country based on their religion or based on their country of origin. That’s not how the country became as good as it is. It’s not how it can become great again.”

This is the kind of moronic thinking which cost the Libertarian Party a chance at legitimacy in the 2016 elections. Instead of actually supporting the Constitution, Sarawak and the rest of the extremists in the party are pursuing a totally irresponsible path in a desperate bid to lure Bernie Sander Socialists over to their party (it isn’t mine any longer). These pathetic efforts to cater to specific voters who have a much more Marxist/Leftist viewpoint will keep the LP a sub-1% party forever as any logical person who has actually read the U.S. Constitution understands that our nation’s security supersedes any theoretical (and non-existent, I might add) rights perceived to be granted to “global citizens” unencumbered entry into the U.S.

It is quite obvious that the hints of discord displayed at the last Libertarian Party convention were the birth pangs of a new, more globalist oriented party which disregards the founding ideals of which it was initially created, based on the rule of law as outlined within the U.S. Constitution.

Do us all a favor Mr. Sarawak:

Ditch Lady Liberty from the Libertarian Party logo unless you’re going to put a hammer in one hand and a sickle in the other.

It’s a much more accurate reflection of where you want to take a once great American political party.

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