Steven Crowder Hits another Home Run with this Video About Illegal Alien Workers

by John Galt July 4, 2017 19:30 ET Ah George W. Bush was so wrong on this subject and the video from Mr. Crowder below just confirms the GOP and it’s lowlife ilk like John McCain are the scumbags we say they are. But they are just doing the jobs we won’t do unless of course we could do it tax free like they do. Well done Steven, well done.

We Didn’t Learn a Damned Thing from the Crash of 2008

by John Galt July 4, 2017 02:00 ET The screen shot pictured above is from the end of the hit movie, “The Big Short.” It could just as easily said: “In the end, we all get fucked by the man.” America has taken a dramatic shift away from the crash of 2008. Everyone thought that once the banks were bailed out, General Motors and Chrysler nationalized (in an un-Constitutional manner), and the so-called mortgage bail out for homeowners where “qualified” homeowners in select markets were able to re-finance their 15 and…

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