Steven Crowder Hits another Home Run with this Video About Illegal Alien Workers

by John Galt
July 4, 2017 19:30 ET

Ah George W. Bush was so wrong on this subject and the video from Mr. Crowder below just confirms the GOP and it’s lowlife ilk like John McCain are the scumbags we say they are.

But they are just doing the jobs we won’t do unless of course we could do it tax free like they do.

Well done Steven, well done.

  • Tom Jacob

    Lol. “He’s gonna call ICE, you MFers”. Good vid.

  • Zetetic

    It seems GovCo has created much of this by the local, state, and federal wealth redistribution system. Both those hiring and those being hired (legal or illegal) are avoiding the endless paperwork of a complicated tax system.
    I think a consumption tax would end much of this practice. That tax-free money would come to an end.
    My take on it is a balanced-budget amendment and no increase in taxes for 5 years from last change (can decrease at any time, but that would not happen, anyway) with no more than .25% increase. Let them figure out how to live on a real budget.
    Since that will never happen, they will continue to drive to the nearest “hiring center” and work around the system.

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