A Special Thank You to my Readers

by John Galt July 16, 2017 16:05 ET I wish to thank all of my long time readers and supporters while I have been away far too much from these pages due to my father’s cancer treatments. Since some of you have been kind enough to ask here and via email, he recently had surgery after radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The surgery, though risky, appears to have been a success and all of the inert tumors removed with no trace of cancer unless as the oncologist said, there are microscopic cells…

NBC News Reporter Andrea Mitchell Tweets World War 2 Started 100 Years Ago

by John Galt July 16, 2017 09:15 ET If one wonders why we, the unwashed masses, do not take the #FakeStreamMedia (MSM for you commielibs) seriously, here is a prime example of the stupidity of one of your reporterette icons: And the 100th anniversary of US entering WWII https://t.co/ZbPgSQkEGT — Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) July 16, 2017 Yes, seriously. Here is the .jpg just in case she sobers up this morning deletes her tweet and figures out that it is 2017 and not 2039: I realize that yes, I might be nit-picking….

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