August 1, 2017 Starts the Most Dangerous 90 Days in American History

by John Galt
July 19, 2017 09:00 ET

Donald J. Trump has been President of the United States (POTUS for short) for almost seven months by August 1st and everyone should rightfully be terrified; not of him or his Presidency but the ominous parallels to our past.

The Republicans have held a majority it he legislative branch along with the executive for the same duration.

The stock market has enjoyed a bull market of historic proportions without a correction for the longest period in post Federal Reserve Act history.

And effective overnight interest rates have remained below the historical average as measured by the Fed Fund Rate in over 6o years.

The economic situation we face is minor however compared to other problems like:

North Korea may have more nuclear weapons material than previously thought

Sucks to work in Seattle or San Francisco eh?

California Still Facing Pension Crisis Even With Good Stock Market Returns

Don’t worry, the Kookiefornians with money are now all moving to Florida. Er, uh, damn.

Experts: ISIS Diaspora a Looming Threat to Europe, America

Thankfully they are “contained.”

‘Nightmare’ silent bomb could destroy America

Good thing everyone purchased those huckster “solar powered generators” advertised between 9 a.m to 12 p.m ET on the radio.

I could go on and on.

The truth is that any one event or an outbreak of war in any major region of the world contested by the major powers via their proxies could create a living hell between August and October.

My money however is on a combination of U.S. government incompetency and the rise of global modern fascism revealing a historical parallel unseen since the collapse of German democracy in the 1930’s. The stock market is over-valued by at least 30%, the economy propped up by false statistics, and worse, an unstable Presidential administration unwilling to recognize that the mistakes of his 1929 clone are being repeated daily by an inexperienced staff and incompetent dual party leadership.

During the election of 1928 a somewhat charismatic, albeit not as flamboyant individual as Trump, ran for President. He, like Trump was a wealthy businessman. He, like Trump, had never held any elected political office. Also like Donald Trump, this candidate was disliked by the establishment Republicans, despised by the Democrats, and worse, was once a Democrat but rebuked when he refused to run for the Presidency under their banner (yes, the Dems did approach Trump after the 2000 disaster with Algore).

History has judged Herbert Hoover quite harshly, yet his goals to save our nation after the Great Crash of 1929 were quite noble. He was victimized by not only the establishment Republicans protecting the banking elites, but a Democrat Party which said to the average citizens “damn you we want total power” and thus froze the ability of the Federal Government to engage in any productive actions to prevent further deterioration of the economy or save the citizenry from the crashing banking system. The Democrats actually were willing to impose pain on the average man, letting them live on the streets and starve to retrieve positions of power and achieve the dual goal of destroying the Republican Party.

What made the situation worse was Hoover’s attempts to “work” with the other party by signing legislation supported by the most Progressive wings of both parties (Smoot-Hawley for example) which not only made the crisis worse, but accelerated the turn to the downside by destroying any remnants of capitalism as the economy declined at an accelerated pace.

Thus bringing us full circle to the crisis we are facing in America and the world now:

  1. Europe is teetering between authoritarianism, a violent dissolution of the European Union, or outright economic collapse due to years of globalist policies which have erased not only borders, but national identities, freedom, and economic independence.
  2. Russia is a weakened, insulted, humiliated bear on the verge of rebounding just enough to inflict not only the potential of grievous damage to the West’s economies, but also via military action the potential for crippling the West before it has a chance to engage the greater enemies to freedom in the Middle East and Far East.
  3. China’s fraudulent economic structure is on the verge of finally, after many years of false alarms, an actual implosion. Should this occur, they are left with no choice but to unleash not only their decades long military buildup to achieve regional strategic acquisitions (Taiwan, etc..) but also let their proxies to attack the U.S. directly. Such an attack would cripple the world economy, cause hundreds of billions of dollars in damage to America, but also put the Chinese Communists in an almost purely era of dominance presuming Japan does not re-militarize and engage in direct confrontation.
  4. Mexico is on the verge of open civil war with the once forbidden tourists now considered viable targets by narco-terrorists.
  5. Numerous states in the U.S. are only surviving economically based on this current stock market bubble. SHOULD a 10, 20, or 30% plus correction occur, many states would not only beg for Federal help like Illinois, but worse, with the demographic shift, a failure to bail out pension funds, IRAs, and 401Ks would result in close to 25% plus of the senior U.S. population becoming not only homeless but destitute without major Federal assistance.
  6. The fallacy in trusting in fiat currencies, be they government sponsored or electronic video delusions pumped up by some of the same clowns who promoted other bubbles in the past will not end well. It never has, it never will and once a crash or hack hits them, all hell breaks lose as reality sets in and the inability to cover one’s losses hits the tape.
  7. Traditional domestic and international political alliances since the last world war are fraying, providing an opportunity for those with more devious intentions to not only stir up problems internationally entrapping the U.S. military, but worse, domestically which destabilizes the entire world within months as the transitional role of the U.S. is superseded by war profiteers.
  8. As equity and currency market fraud expands, the general public believes they are protected by national governments. This was not true in 1929, nor sadly, is it true today.

I’ve kept this list short for a reason. One’s imagination can let everything run wild as far as “doom” for the next 90 days. But taking into consideration our domestic incompetence, international powers regressing into shells of their former greatness, and formerly secondary powers now wishing to vanquish the global powers of the post-WWII period, it is of small wonder that in this author’s opinion that the 90 day period following August 1, 2017 will be the most dangerous in American, if not world history.

Prepare accordingly.

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  1. __deborah harvey | 19/07/2017 at 13:14 |

    Bible–the fire next time.
    perfect descriptions of devastation by nuclear war are to be found in the books of the prophets.
    it may foretell the westward march of chinese troops and the southward march of chinese and/or russian troops. possibly to secure oilfields.
    all of it seeming fantastic until the atomic age showed it all to be true. nuclear war is inevitable.
    i pray for the safety of my child, my main concern.

  2. George W Hill Jr | 20/07/2017 at 12:43 |

    I completely agree… its the timing i have trouble with….when you have infinite currency you hold out for quite a while … while you have infinite currency you can not have infinite value …the only why to measure “value ” today is the PM …whose price is rigged …
    So we can see the edge of the cliff… we have no good measure how far it is or how fast we are moving toward it …Soooo I have looked at this from another angle … that of a combat vet …see we are all about backward planing …so i figured I would project a failure out to say 2020

    use exponential growth of debt from there to see what the future would look like … and to examine the present from that view… below is my estimation….

    see I have a theory of collapse… a mathematical certainty …by 2020

    why 3 basic reasons:
    1- only 1% or less of the US population
    2- as $$$ collapse more and more will want real silver
    3- as more and more Baby boomers will have to liquidate 401K
    4- the price will double in concert with demand
    5- Theory – the above will cause exponential price growth
    6- Theory – this exp growth will manifest as 2x in 1/2 the time….time period one year…
    7- 100% US population will want silver -non the less… whole world

    Under the above- assumptions then watch this watch man

    Let us say im correct Jan 2020 is the end zero or very close to zero for DOLLAR
    this is the maximum value for 1 oz sliver …
    so follow this if this makes since …
    Jan 1st the end silver value would be seven doubling s from $20.00
    so 8 doubling is 2 to seventh power that number is 128
    so 128 x $20 is $2,560 per oz of sliver

    Milestones : of sliver ” price ” would occur in: % of population purchases …
    1- Price of sliver $40 when 2% purchase – date est @ 2018
    2- Price of sliver $80 when 4% purchase – date est @ Jan 2019
    3- Price of sliver $160 when 8% purchase – date est @ Jun 2019
    4- Price of sliver $320 when 16% purchase – date est @ Sept 2019
    5- Price of sliver $640 when 32% purchase – date est @ Nov 2019 …($$$ will fail here)
    silver should go to infinity … 1/3/ panic rule should apply … if not then ….
    6- Price of sliver $1280 when 64% purchase – date est @ Nov 15 2019
    7- Price of sliver $2560 when 100% purchase – date est @ Nov 21 or 25 2019

    8- the end est price for oz is $5, 120 date is Jan 2020…from here the doubling are too fast

    15 days …7 days … 3 days …. 18 …hrs …9 hrs …5 hours … 2 hours … 60 min …30 min… 15 min …7 min …. 3 min …. 45 sec …. 20 sec … 10 sec … 5 sec … 2 sec … 1 sec …
    on Jan … 27 …8 am …23 min ..37 sec …silver will be ….33,554,432 x 20 = $671,088,640 oz
    and will double… in the next 1/2 sec….until it is un-countable even for a computer…that could happen in a day….bad hunh …power of exponential growth…some where along the asymptotic curve …

  3. Seann Fox | 20/07/2017 at 18:10 |

    This is akin to the Y2K world ending hype..

    • Until it isn’t. I heard the exact same comment in late 2007.

    • Ultra Maroon | 26/07/2017 at 13:38 |

      No, it isn’t. I was in the position of getting the “Y2K bug” corrected in mainframe COBOL code, in Unix mini-computers, and PCs for an entire county. We had meetings every week in 1999, and there was a lot of work done, but none of us thought all of it was anything except a red herring to distract people from a tech stock crash, and we were right. Cisco went from the 70s to the 20s per share. But water supplies didn’t dry up, everybody kept working, and cats and dogs didn’t start sleeping with each other. Today is different. The next crash will be be much more serious than the 2008 “crisis”. In addition to the above-mentioned problems with the EU, Russia, China, Mexico, fiat currency, possible bankruptcy of some US states, likelihood of war, and the impotence of governments to help, there are little things like US sovereign debt being 106% of GDP, the 10 biggest banks having many trillions of dollars’ worth of exposure to derivatives contracts, half of the US population’s being reduced to ignorant, impotent, angry suckers upon the government teat, and world food production decreasing overall. When it happens, the 325 million+ souls in the US will be much less willing to work together, ration, conserve, and give charitably than the US population alive during my father’s time was willing to do.

  4. JG,
    What you did not add to this analysis is that 80 to 95% of the military support Trump and the Constitution. Rather than being alone, he is a figurehead for the military White Hats, the America First movement to retake America. Without support of the military the cultural war would have been lost long ago. The reason Cultural Marxism (ref March StateoftheNation) did not succeed is because the elite governing junta fell in love with itself and had only contempt for those who defended the country or produced anything. This group kept so much money and what was really going on to themselves that they treated those who work as an underclass.
    That is not to say that this cultural war is over. But they are losing this war, and may try something desperate; actually try this again, since it is reported they have already tried a whole host of desperate things that have failed.
    I think there may have to be some reforms to our system if this war deposes these global Socialists. I am looking for a forum in which reforms can be fully discussed. One big problem is disabusing millennials of the notion that the government owes them a living, educating them in our Constitutional government and what it was designed to achieve, so that they prefer Liberty to Free Stuff.

    • I hope you are right but history shows the bankers have more influence over our military than any politician. They have used them for wars for profit one time too many.

  5. Firecapt | 26/07/2017 at 20:04 |

    ” There’s always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet, and the only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT! ” -Agent K

  6. Mike Kevins | 28/07/2017 at 13:38 |

    The reason, IMHO, that everything goes to hell when Republicans are in charge is that their opposition is so hateful that they will stand by and let anything happen to this country so they can blame it on the Republicans in the next election cycle. I really think it is no more complicated than that.

    • Unfortunately, like Hoover in 1929, the Establishment Republicans are also in opposition to changing the status quo. It is a reborn era of political elitism which will further destabilize our nation, much like the 1929-1930 time period.

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