The Fake 3% Movement

by John Galt
July 19, 2017 05:00 ET

So what do these charts have in common with a rancher in Nevada, the election of Donald J. Trump as President, and my friend trying to keep his children from meeting an alleged child molester via court order all have in common?

The company listed above is the new name for “Smith & Wesson”.

The conglomerate above owns both Bushnell scopes and Savage firearms, etc.

The three stocks plus gold are strong indications of the post-Trump election for business for the so-called patriot movement, their sponsors, radio programs, message boards, and of course the true state of mind of the part time prepper community.

The theory before the election was that Hillary Clinton was going to win and some of those who were members of the so-called “prepper” or “patriot” community were going to cash in big. After all, the eight years of Barry Obama were extremely profitable. Hell, I admit it, I made a little money as did those who held “patriot seminars” and meetings designed to exploit the true grass-roots movement of the Tea Party. I have been to the meetings in the open and incognito and what did I learn?

In reality?

Just like everything else in American society, it was about profit, not reality, and of course, not the Constitution.

Those stocks and many members of the “Patriot” radio movement took major hits with the election of Donald Trump. The stocks crashing in the so-called “Prepper Trump Dump” took many websites, broadcasters, and promoters offline or into bankruptcy. Those that did survive the post-election period lost sponsors due to view count declines, sales crashing, or worse, lack of interest.

After all, why prep when Donald J. Trump has promised to seal the border, let anyone above the age of one week old to buy a gun, and no need to worry about food because the American government will protect you from war, famine, and want.


8 months later reality is setting in.

Donald Trump has illustrated that not only is the majority of the alleged 3% frauds, but most will only come to an individual’s defense should a profit or promotion be involved.

After all, why put one’s nuts on the line when hiding in the safety of Austin, TX, Montana, or BFE making a nice 6% profit would be put at risk for someone who is truly facing a disaster due to injustice at the hands of the government; be it local or the Feds.

Hence this quick disclaimer:

This article was meant to be written way, way, way back in February of 2017. However due to a prolonged family illness, I have been dealing with my family as most sane people would in the past five months.

Does this mean I’ve been oblivious to what is happening to our nation?

Hell no. I was deeply concerned about it and after the election thought this would end well.


Lock and load because 99.99% of us are on our own and that is the truth.

The profiteer pussies will continue their rants on internet radio, shortwave, and the web.

But when the rubber meets the road, they will do what their ass, er, wallet tells them too. Thus why some very famous “talk” radio hosts avoided the Bundy ranch in Nevada, ran from the properties along the Mexican border because why protect Americans when risk was real, and of course, never, ever, ever take a stand against home-schooling families being persecuted by the state. After all, that might cause a water filter, gold, or nutrition company to run away from your broadcast/website/message board.

There is a situation developing now which does in fact call for the true members of the patriot movement.

The details are at the link below about a long time supporter of the patriots who has put his money and time on the line and now his family faces a crisis which does justify taking a stand.

Once my personal situation is resolved, I hope to join you there.

Even it is only for one week, one night, or one hour, we either stand together or hang separately.

I fear the 0.0003% will choose the latter because this case is about a man’s family, not the profit of some stupid assed radio show could make on the side.

A Plea for My Wife and Children


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