Friday’s Poop-The-Bed Stock Chart Special

by John Galt
July 28, 2017 21:50 ET

From the once, er now not so much, magical rabbit pooping company MicroStrategy’s website:

We provide powerful software solutions and expert services that empower every individual with actionable intelligence, helping enterprises unleash the full potential of their people and investments. Our analytics and mobility platform delivers high-performance business applications that meet the needs of both business and IT.

Now that we’ve established what they do, how did they do after last quarter’s earnings report:

In technical analysis that is called “shitting the bed” or “laying an egg” but either way, that’s just freaking brutal.

In fact that is the year 2000 NASDAQ type of brutal.

Er, oops, I’m not allowed to say that per the CNBS experts…

Watch out for flying poo and enjoy the upcoming shitshow I’ve warned you about in the weeks to come.

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