Did the Russians Just Remove their Diplomats from North Korea?

by John Galt
August 13, 2017 20:55 ET

In what would appear to be a possibly disturbing development, a civilian flight was just tracked by the Twitter user CivMilAir departing Pyongyang, North Korea to Vladivostok, Russia:

Speculation on the web that this is the Russian diplomatic staff which if verified, would be a most disturbing development following the story I posted earlier about the warnings from the Russian Foreign Ministry published in ITAR-TASS.

Stay tune, as the morning is young over there and this could still get wild.

2 Comments on "Did the Russians Just Remove their Diplomats from North Korea?"

  1. Guy Daley | 14/08/2017 at 12:12 |

    How bogus. As if NK is not allowed to visit Russia. NK and Russia had a very healthy trade relationship. And nobody is allowed to travel between the countries unless its diplomats fleeing?

    • Not bogus at all. NK recalled their ambassadors from China and Russia after I wrote this article last night. The reason given was for “consultation.” We’ll see how long this holds up, or if peace is doomed.

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