08.15 War Update: Brief Skirmish Between Chinese and Indian Forces in Disputed Border Region

by John Galt
August 15, 2017 20:00 ET

As North Korea begins to cool down, now the conflict fires up between China and India in the disputed area in Jammu and Kashmir on the North Bank of the Pangong Lake. From India Today earlier this morning:

This has been downplayed by both sides as the article below from the Hindustan Times indicates:

Indian troops foil China’s incursion attempt in Ladakh, minor injuries on both sides after stone-pelting


Indian troops on Tuesday foiled two incursion bids by the Chinese in Jammu and Kashmir’s Ladakh region but not before stones were thrown and soldiers injured on both sides as India celebrated 70 years of Independence.

The clash near the Pangong Lake, which divides Indian and Chinese territory, comes at a time when the two neighbours are in a standoff thousands of miles away in the disputed Doklam plateau close to Sikkim on India’s northeastern border. The two-month-old row has soured ties between the two sides, with China accusing India of trespass.

“Indian and Chinese troops came face to face at two places in Finger Four and Finger Five areas near Pangong Lake in Ladakh region,” a government source said.

What makes this interesting are the stories in the Indian media recently about the Indian military removing civilians from villages near Dolkam, the other disputed area, which is usually a precursor to further military action being possible. From News18 in India last week:

Villagers are moving out from a place close to Doklam, though officials in both the government and the Army denied there is any evacuation


According to sources, a few hundred villagers living in Nathang village have been asked to vacate their houses immediately. Nathang is 35 km from the site of the two-month old standoff between Indian and Chinese troops.

It was not immediately clear if an order has been issued to accommodate thousands of soldiers of the 33 Corp, who are reportedly moving from Sukna towards Doklam, or whether it was a precautionary measure to avoid civilian casualties in case of a skirmish.

Stay tuned as the window to begin major fighting is quite limited as winter conditions will arrive within several weeks making a protracted conflict difficult unless it spreads throughout both nations. The world is on fire and the media is worried about the words of President Trump, not the events which they have refused to cover for almost a decade and are now possibly about to plunge the world into darkness again; just like the 1930’s and 1940’s, the last time the “media” abdicated their Constitutional responsibilities.

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