U.S. Vows to Intercept any North Korean Missiles Fired on Allies

by John Galt
August 17, 2017 18:45 ET

As everyone thought the North Korean crisis was on the back burner as world markets tremble and Barcelona shakes from another Islamist terror attack, the Defense Department unloads with this story tonight to wake up the Asian markets (via Yonhap News, South Korea):

Mattis vows ‘immediate, specific’ actions to intercept N.K. missile


As the pot-bellied one has decided to disappear back into his man-cave full of porn and God knows what else (I don’t want to know) now the Trump administration is attempting to re-assure our Asian allies with this news tonight.


The United States would take immediate and specific actions to take down a North Korean missile should it be fired toward any of its allies, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Thursday.

Mattis made the remark during a press conference following a so-called “2+2” meeting involving the foreign and defense ministers of the U.S. and ally Japan.

“We would take immediate, specific actions to take it down,” he said in response to a question about what the U.S. would do if North Korea launched ballistic missiles toward the territory of its allies.

Just last week, the communist regime threatened to fire four intermediate-range ballistic missiles over Japan into waters near the U.S. territory of Guam. After U.S. President Donald Trump warned the military was “locked and loaded,” North Korean leader Kim Jong-un suspended the plan Tuesday.

In their discussions, Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera and Foreign Minister Taro Kono reaffirmed their “mutual commitment to confronting threats to regional peace and security,” according to the top U.S. diplomat.

That should spice things up again this weekend as the North Korean dictator was last seen promoting an upcoming SLBM test where preparations started earlier this week. That and a possible sixth underground nuclear weapons test.

Watch out for late breaking news on Friday or Saturday night because apparently Pyongyang knows the American people will not be paying attention after 6 p.m. tomorrow.

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