Despite Idealism, the Communist Mugabe in Zimbabwe was Not Deposed Due to Idealism

by John Galt
November 19, 2017 23:35 ET

This weekend the international and naive US media have once again portrayed the overthrow of the long standing communist dictatorship of Robert Mugabe as that of a “populist” revolution against a stale region.

Trust me.

It is 100% bullshit.

This is about one thing which was announced by the Mugabe government in 2016 and ultimately will result in his downfall.

From the UK Guardian on March 3, 2016:

Robert Mugabe to nationalise Zimbabwe’s diamond industry

If anyone thinks this is not enough to cause the overthrow of a government, then one has not been paying attention to African politics over the past 40 years.

From the UK Guardian article:

“The state will now own all the diamonds in the country,” Mugabe said during a two-hour interview with state broadcaster ZBC TV. “Companies that have been mining diamonds have robbed us of our wealth, that is why we have now said the state must have a monopoly,” Mugabe said.

The largest diamond mine in Marange, Mbada Diamonds, sued the government at the high court on Monday and was allowed to take control of its mining assets.

Chinese-run Anjin Investments also challenged the government ban at the same court on Wednesday, according to a court application seen by Reuters.

Mugabe said he told the Chinese president, Xi Xinping, during his visit to Zimbabwe last December that his government was not getting much from Chinese-owned mining firms.

Zimbabwe was the eighth-largest diamond producer in the world with 4.7mcarats in 2014, according to industry group Kimberley Process. Last year the government received $23m (£16.2m) in royalties and other fees from diamond mines, down from $84m in 2014.

Between Gold, Diamonds, and other essential minerals produced from Zimbabwe (aka, Rhodesia for us old guys), there is no doubt that the Chinese in cooperation with the Europeans helped to engineer this coup. Otherwise, what was the point? Mugabe announced, while in custody tonight, that he will not resign from his political party yet they ejected him.

From Reuters:

Robert Mugabe sacked as leader of ZANU-PF


Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU-PF, has voted to sack President Robert Mugabe as its leader.

Members also voted to name sacked Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who Mugabe fired on November 6, as new party leader.

“They were determined to fire Mugabe as leader of the party,” said Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa, reporting from Harare, as she described jubilant scenes.

Mugabe remains president of the country, however, amid calls for him to resign following a military takeover on November 15.

In opening remarks at ZANU-PF’s Central Committee meeting, Obert Mpofu, the minister of home affairs who chaired the gathering, blamed First Lady Grace Mugabe and her allies for taking advantage of the veteran leader.

“We meet here today with a heavy heart because Mugabe’s wife and her close associates have taken advantage of his frail condition and abused the resources of the country,” he told members. “I warmly welcome you all to this historic meeting which will mark a new era, not only for our country but for the party.”

Members cheered as the resolution to recall Mugabe was read out.

While this might seem as cheesy as an old British mercenary movie like “The Wild Geese”, the truth is obvious; global powers want control of Zimbabwe’s resources and deposing the old obstinate communist with new communists is the only way to maintain “stability” to control the flow of diamonds, gold, etc…

The people, be damned.

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