12/10 While You Slept Bitcoin Crashed and Recovered Again

by John Galt
December 10, 2017 10:15 ET

Twas two weeks before Christmas,
And all through the Financial Houses,
Not a creature was stirring,
Except Crypto-mouses.

Wow. The “stability” of crypto bubble currencies never ceases to amaze but what Bitcoin has been doing over the last three weeks is nothing short of Ponzi spectacular. Last night was no exception:

A drop of over $2,000 since Friday with a bounce back to $15,000 all in one night. Someone in Asia apparently thinks the US futures debut will be a clusterfawk while others think it could cause the cryptos to skyrocket even higher.

Regardless of how tonight turns out, the bottom line is that there is no stability for these instruments at this time so party at your own risk with the Bitcoin debut of the second largest crypto currency in the world. Of course BTC advocates will not be pleased to find out which crypto-currency is the largest and most influential when all is said and done.

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