Is Jeff Sessions Preparing to Nuke the Mueller Investigation in 2018?

by John Galt
December 10, 2017 10:15 ET

As America prepares to slumber into it’s dual holiday seasons of Christmas and drinking itself blind, aka, the post-Christmas to New Year’s Eve non-stop drinking party (or whatever the hell you consume), news is quietly being made and sometimes, looking beyond the headlines should wake everyone up.

You know, headlines like these:

Bias allegations in Robert Mueller’s probe offer Trump allies a new counterargument

Yet another top FBI agent involved in Mueller’s investigation is being accused of political bias

Mueller Removed Top Agent in Russia Inquiry Over Possible Anti-Trump Texts

Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Attended Clinton’s Election Night Party

That’s just a small sample of the news. The obviously apparent bias by the Mueller team to protect the Democrats and attack Trump is a problem ignored by the left but starting to bear fruit from the non-conspiracy mainstream right. The investigation was opened without any criminal investigation or pretense thereof due to a lack of any crime being committed yet the Mueller team went fishing and so far has dredged up four undersized fish that would have to be thrown back in the water if you lived where I do.

The events of the last few weeks are nothing short of amazing as General Flynn’s illegal activities as a lobbyist have been blown up into absurd allegations that Trump was feeling up Putin’s boxers in search of the lost nuclear launch codes which Obama misplaced during a stoner weekend at the Burning Man Festival. The truth however is that Trump, albeit as incompetent as he is engaging in some matters at the government level, would not risk his administration or future by dealing with the Russian government in an illicit manner before or after he was elected.

Meanwhile in the background, there appears to be an exit strategy starting to formulate not just based on Mueller’s pro-Hillary bias, especially from his staff, but based on actual legal activities outside of Trump’s and Mueller’s legal team.

A little reported story by the Washington Examiner‘s excellent reporter Paul Bedard should have set off alarm bells on Friday:

Case Closed: FBI says Sessions didn’t have to reveal Russia talks

The headline sounds innocent enough, as do the conclusions, but this excerpt should provide a clue:

An FBI email released through the Freedom of Information Act said that Sessions had no obligation to reveal any contacts with foreign officials unless he “developed personal relationships” with them.

The bottom line: His two contacts with Kislyak in 2016 did not have to be revealed to the FBI on his SF-86 security clearance application, part of his confirmation process.

Sessions has repeatedly denied that he talked about the campaign with the Russian, but critics have continued to question his decision to not list them on his SF-86, which contains a box to check for contacts.

The email confirms statements from Justice staffers that Sessions did not need to check the foreign contacts box.

It does not list any name, but the “From” line reads “FBI.” It is dated March 7, 2017.

The email references a question asked by Sessions aide Peggi Hanrahan about previously asking if the attorney general needed to list is foreign contacts on the SF-86.

While the FBI official didn’t recall any prior discussions, the email said Sessions did the right thing.

“For the purposes of the SF-86, he was not required to list foreign government contacts while on official government business unless he developed personal relationships from such contacts,” said the FBI official in the email.


Why you might ask?

This email provides cover for Attorney General Sessions and his ability to do the unthinkable:

Un-recuse himself from the Russian investigation.

While this might not seem like a big deal today, the FBI under DoJ’s supervision which includes Hillary cronies like McCabe and Rosenstein still basically just cleared Jeff Sessions of any involvement from the criminal side of the case that Mueller is allegedly investigating.

Since Jeff Sessions has been harangued by President Trump for his withdrawing from the case originally, now Sessions can offer a trade to President Trump after the tax reform is passed and signed and the calendar shifts to 2018.

Attorney General Sessions can un-recuse himself from the investigation, fire Mueller and his staff and place the investigation under a trusted US Prosecutor who will not abuse the process.

In exchange for his sacrificing himself on the sword, President Trump will allow Sessions to resign during the Easter break in 2018 and the investigation will turn towards the activities of the Hillary and Obama embeds in DoJ who behaved in obvious violation of U.S. law.

This might seem like a longshot but based on the activities of the administration and actions by Mueller’s team, it appears that the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard has stumbled on to a bombshell which may not be recognized until next year. IF this does not happen, Trump’s regime is in trouble due to his paranoia and sometimes Nixonian mentality.

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  1. Whacked2 | 11/12/2017 at 04:26 |


    Why should he recuse himself?

    Do not believe Trumps tweets on Jeff Sessions – they are a distraction – he wanted Jeff Sessions appointed – and by his recusal of investigating anything in the ‘Russian Matter’ has allowed Mueller to do his job. Have Flynn found guilty of lying to the FBI.

    Did you miss the canary trap?

    Why was Flynn appointed to undertake matters by Obama?
    Was Flynn vocal against Obama in his politicisation of the Intelligence Agencies?
    Flynn then appointed by Trump?
    However one must also look at Rogers (NSA) – friend of Flynn?
    Had a meeting with Trump – at Trump towers that was not authorised by Obama?
    I believe some other heads of other alphabet Agencies requested that he be sanctioned – why?

    Understand Mueller had a meeting with Trump before his appointment as well.

    How long did Trump know that his servers at Trump towers were fixed? That is to say the connections to the Russian Bank and back door access by persons unknown?
    Why did Trump tweet about ADA Yates?
    Yates did advise WH – Trump that she suspected Flynn was subject to blackmail by the Russians – or words to that affect.

    Which Judge recused himself from hearing Flynn’s case – what is his connection to FISA approvals?
    A judge appointed by Obama?
    Ohm demoted at the DoJ.

    Now connect the dots.

    How would the second request for the FISA warrant be approved on a fake dossier – when the first request was denied?
    Ohm was involved as was Loretta Lynch – Obama – to get the application heard by a Judge with whom he appointed.

    Boom …

    Flynn – well he was authorised by Obama to contact the Russians – but Flynn was to be the fall guy except he had friends – one Admiral Rogers (NSA) who was privy to all the classified data.

    Also I believe Rogers made Nunes aware of the situation.

    So Trump appoints Flynn – and Flynn did no sign any documents-contracts to prohibit consultancies outside of his government position – maybe because they both knew it was short term?

    Flynn setup the canary trap to catch the leakers – Yates was one of those.
    Flynn goaded FBI to tape his conversations with Russians.
    He made one lie to the FBI – a known lie that Trump acknowledges and sacks him.

    The news is fake – leaks are real.

    All leakers fed different stories from meetings with Australian PM and Mexican President – Yates was one of those highlighted.
    All leakers identified – unknown sources to MSM cease.

    Flynn goes surfing.

    In the meantime Mueller appointed – but Mueller had to take down a lot of swamp people – his first task to ensure Democrat lawyers – honest lawyers appointed for task ahead – one Strzok (sp) ex FBI was not passed by say Admiral Rogers who had all data.
    He was dismissed.
    So Mueller commences his investigation – brilliant leaks to media on nothing burgers on Trump Jnr – Russian lawyer – then to isolate one Flynn – on lying.
    Plead guilty – turn State Evidence – all non disclosure agreements with WH and intelligence agencies voided.

    Trump then issues a merry Christmas tweet – why where certain words capitalised?
    What happened 12 months before – that he was waiting a year for?
    His Christmas present of charges against Flynn – everything set up 12 months previously.

    So no – Sessions does not have to recuse himself. He is doing a great job – I expect that the 147 sealed incitements are water tight cases.

    Mueller the blue eyed democrat – who incurred the wrath of a Trump tweets – as did Sessions – intends clearing his name and Democrats will be charged.

    When one wants the American public to know how bad and deep the swamp is – one does it like peeling an onion – one layer at a time.

    One allows the Democrats full leniency with the fear mongering. The accusations of sexual misconduct – the allegations of a liar in chief.

    Each layer of that onion being peeled.

    Look at whom is coming out the worst in all episodes.

    To avoid civil unrest – which was very likely after Hillary lost – Trump & Co ensured that any Special Investigator would be loved by those that he was to investigate. This thereby overcomes the single biggest issue in any court case – politics – political witch-hunt.

    So when Mueller issues alleged charges against those parties – to an impaneled grand jury – for treason and sedition – the total onion will be laid bare – all Americans can then judge for themselves as to whether the investigation was fair and reasonable.

    As to Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Holder etal – I do not see jail time – I see the total destruction of the Democratic Party.

    The American people win – America regains international prestige – Trump wins second term in office.

    MSM – destroyed.

    Every tweet has a message – every tweet followed – every retweet traced.
    We have a winner!

    • Whacked2 | 11/12/2017 at 04:29 |

      Sorry John – giving you some work to do – but all of the intrigue and suspense would make for a great movie… now where is Weinstein when you need him?

  2. Here’s some more regarding “Q” and his/her messages:

  3. Sorry John, one more link to check out. I truly hope this is true and that this is not fiction.

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