Guest Post Special: Prepping – The moment of Truth

A guest post….
by Natty Bumppo
December 15, 2017 05:00 ET

It was cold and windy the winter of 2005 as I left the hotel in Ashland , Kentucky and drove to the studio to appear on a Daystar satellite television program. The name of which and the name of the host no longer remains in my memory. However I do remember Tammy. Tammy was the producer who had been in contact with me for several weeks and met me in the parking lot. She then brought me to a very nice waiting area followed by the make-up room.

The host or maybe it was Tammy asked if I would appear and be interviewed for the first book that I had penned; “Godly Living”. It was written to the so called ‘Christian’ concerning their personal character.

After make-up, I was brought to a balcony with a view of the set. It was a typical as-to-be expected scene. The set consisted of a small carpeted area with matching couch and chair. It was extremely well lit, however, very dark around the small set with multiple cameras surrounding it from 3 of 4 sides. Later I met the host and we sat down, he in the chair and I on the couch. The host was very relaxed as I and we began the interview after some small chit chat and preparatory questions.

The host asked his first question, “Brother Bobby, Godly Living is the name of your first book. Why did you write it?” To which I replied, “Excellent question Mr. (whatever his name was) but first I would like to thank you for having me on your program and giving me an opportunity to share ‘Godly Living’ with your audience. I wrote ‘Godly Living’ because I am concerned that a vast amount of people that call themselves ‘Christians’ today will be burning in Hell.” It was an honest and sincere answer to the question. However what I seen next was interesting to say the least. The host sat straight up in the chair. His eyes bugged out and his mouth was agape. The oxygen he brought into his lungs (quite loudly I would add) left very little for the production staff or me. And it was a rather large warehouse type structure. Mr. host then stated that “surly you do not mean that.” My reply: “Yes I do. The way many in the church act away from the church building or away from other members of their church makes one question if they truly are believers in Jesus.” There were a few more questions, but the interview was for all practical purposes over.

This was a moment of truth for Mr. host. Apparently he was not very familiar with Matthew 25:31-46. In every area of our lives, situations small or great in our eyes there is a moment of truth. An opportunity to express by action and deed what it is you really are and truly believe. As we begin now to focus directly upon the topic of prepping for disaster. It would be my most sincere desire for you the reader to give a true account of your prepping desideratum , as was my desire for the believer in Jesus concerning ‘Godly Living’ and their personal character, looking into that spiritual mirror giving a true account.

Today my family and I are faced with yet another moment of truth. The truth of ‘was your prepping for SHTF good enough’? Because on a limited scale, we are there. You may read the history of our current situation and the why’s of that situation at under the heading ‘A Plea for my Wife and Children’.

In conveying to you the reader of the little that we have learned as a lifelong prepper (started when I was twelve and will celebrate my 49th the day of this writing) on what one needs and should expect of their current stocks. I will simply say this one thing, you don’t have enough.

Over the course of many years, the number of books that I have read, the number of articles (in print or on the web) that I have endured in some cases, are innumerable. And many of you may state the same and more. However, until you experience the slightest degree of needing your precious preps, you have zero degree of understanding. It would be prudent to add here, that dealing with governments at home and abroad. Dealing with a monumental amount of alphabet soup agencies from various governments has given us an unique aspect of preparation that we pray I might convey to you.

The biggest genre of fiction today is the apocalyptic, SHTF, WROL. It is all over television and in print. There is always the big hero, who through what seems to be insurmountable circumstances is victorious with a few scratches along the way. I will admit, I love these programs and books just as much as any other. It has been my pleasure to know many in the industry. Still, it is entertainment. In the real world the good guys die too. SHTF has many faces. It will never look like what any of us expects. If you asked me a couple years ago, if we would be held up on our property living off of our preps, while the rest of the world goes on as normal, I would have told you that you were crazy. That is not going to happen. Yet it did. So now we are seeing how God was involved with our prepping and still He has His hand upon us.

There are so many articles with cute little ideas for prepping. And they always say to start small and add too. They tell us to put food in this little jar or special bag that they sell. And then you have the prepper Nazis out there that if you don’t follow this guideline or that you should be black balled from the prepper community. Only they know the proper way to store food. And let’s not forget the guy that has a mountain of 5 gallon buckets full of crap he eats once a year or so. Then they always end in ‘only spend what you can, everyone has a limited supply of funds.’ It is all absolute total bullshit. Because on the day that the SHTF in your life. All that you have is all that you have. And I guarantee you that you will forget, under estimate and not see coming at all how SHTF will play out.

First off let me address storage space. We have an everyday living in the county (nearest neighbor in any direction is 1 mile) 1800 square foot home. Yet we have dedicated 45% of our home to preparation (food, water, medical, defense and more). And still when you walk into our home, you would have no idea that we have anything more than what our cabinets hold. Still 45% and constantly people make excuses that they don’t have the room. As the road to hell is paved with good intentions so are the excuses of the prepper community. And the folks with a mountain of five gallon buckets; good for them, we stack them too. But we also stack 55 gallon drums. It is not needful to go into detail of the food we have, types, how it is stored, how long it would last us or anything of the such. But you do have the room if you really want to find it. You first must want to.

I can hear it now: “wait just one minute. This is good for you but we just do not have the means to do what you have done.” That is the biggest crock of crap one could say. Finances be damned. If you have a job, great (I had several before) then you have the means. Quit buying TV’s, going on expensive vacations and eating out all the time. Listen, the bankers of this world have screwed each and every one of us. They have fixed it to where you labor and they tax that labor. They have created a life of debt for every one of us that will never be paid off. Yet for some reason people are so scared of the bank that they would rather make sure that banker gets his money on time and not prepare for the day the SHTF in your life. Priorities, priorities, priorities is what this is about. Do you care more for the banker than your husband or wife? Do you care more for your new television than you do for your children? As my friend Cope would say, “It is time to get your poop in a group.” Get your priorities straight and finances be damned. When you figure out on that day ‘oh crap, we do eat a lot’, because we did not calculate how much food we actually consume. Pizza deliveries, take outs and drive thru’s must be accounted for in how much you consume. Forget 2000 calories when crap hits home. Now you must find the fuel, make all the food (under duress and less than perfect conditions). Stress burns calories, more work burns calories and before you know it, you blew through your so called mountain of 5 gallon buckets of food. Whatever you have, double it and do it now. I am not joking. Find the money and quit making excuses. Who really cares if you don’t have the newest phone on the market? Please do what is necessary, quit wasting time and get yourself prepared as completely as humanly possible.

Just as Mr. Host had his moment of truth sitting on the couch next to him. Thinking he knew it all, thinking that he was the big boy who rubbed all the right elbows and kissed all the right behinds, until he finally established his little Earthly kingdom. Then someone comes in and shocks him to the point he comes apart at the seams on live TV. The moment of truth for you as a prepper is coming. And the hard truth is that most who call themselves preppers will die quickly during SHTF. They think they have enough put up. They do not expect trouble to come to their AO. They romanticize the idea of SHTF. They get lazy. They are not psychologically ready. They are full of hubris and bravado but are inwardly cowards (most people in America today). All this and more is nothing but to find success only in failure. Their prepping moment of truth came apart at the seams.

In the situation that we personally find ourselves, we are so thankful for the small group of supporters near us that have kept our lives as normal as possible. And so many kind individuals around the country that have financially contributed to us since SHTF for our family back in July. But most importantly praise God for giving us the wisdom to prepare as we did.

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  1. Zetetic | 22/12/2017 at 09:35 |

    Getting caught up after two weeks in the beautiful weather in Florida. Have to find a way to make that a permanent visit.
    The fly-by-politics SHTF groups have wandered off whilst they believe a Republican president will bring peace and prosperity. With an economic bubble that continues to expand, an infrastructure that was old when we were children, military engagements pending a single event to ignite into something larger, an mostly unprotected Internet that is connected to everything, and simmering social unrest… we march closer to what is probably a series of events that will lead to something that will make the difficulties of the Great Depression look like a theme park. Maybe we need to go shopping again this afternoon.

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