Somehow, I Told You So, Doesn’t Quite Say It

by John Galt
January 22, 2018 21:45 ET

Ummmm, yeah..

If an investment makes precious metals players like me look good, then, uh, um, yeah…

From TheSun(UK):

Panicky Bitcoin investors struggle to withdraw cash from money exchanges as they look to ‘safe’ gold investments amid fears of cryptocurrency collapse


But it could be bad news for investors tied up in Bitconnect who fear they will lose their money after the controversial trader announced it was shutting down.

It assured customers they would be able to withdraw at a “recent exchange rate” but “continuous cyber-attacks” have prevented them from doing so, Fortune reports.

Concerned investors have since taken to social media to complain they fear losing anything from a few thousand dollars to their entire “family savings”.

Adding to fears, some panicked investors have reportedly been tricked into handing over the contents of their cryptocurrency wallets by scammers presenting themselves as Bitconnect “customer support”.


Sounds a lot like 1980 silver or 2006 Florida Real Estate to me…

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