The Late But Ever Bizarre John Galt Predictions for 2018

by John Galt
January 22, 2018 21:10 ET

Yup, it’s the year of the Russians as the Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming, if you believe the stupidity of the MSM, Democrats, and our military-industrial complex. Unfortunately for them a weakened Russian economy will keep Putin in check in 2018 and despite popular belief that he hid a microphone in Hillary’s cootchie, there are even some things a KGB agent will not do.

However, that being the case, a weakened Russia, a dysfunctional European Union, and America being America it does make one wonder what this author got right in 2017 and wrong as usual with his intoxicated predictions. Take your shot of whatever now and enjoy this summary of last year’s predictions highlights and reality:

– I just missed the Dow 25K prediction by 151 points. On January 4th of this year however it broke through with a massive rally which continues.
– Sears didn’t file for bankruptcy even if it should have and oil remained flat-tish until the end of the year when it rallied again.
– Gold didn’t crash but it did burn upwards through $1300
– Real Estate has entered into a new bubble so BOHICA
– The US dollar failed to continue its rally so watch out for 2018
– ISIS is pretty much destroyed and now widely scattered throughout North Africa and the Middle East
– Qatar was exposed as a terrorist financier and has been isolated by the Arab mainstream
– Greta did bomb on MSNBC as predicted
– Pelosi is still there then again the TV show “The Walking Dead” is not over either.
– We had a lot of hurricanes and guess what? Yeah, some major ones zapped the US including me (ugh).

Let’s take a swig and drink our sorrows with my predictions for 2018:

It’s the ECONOMY Stupid:

  1. The Dow tops out around 28,666. If it fails to break above that level for a prolonged period, it will close around 18,000 after a one day 20% plus crash event at some point by year end.
  2. Bitcoin rallies back above $13,000 but the US and European governments decide to impose massive regulatory impediments on all cyber-currencies causing a massive crash to below $4,000 during 2018.
  3. The Japanese Yen rallies to a high of 89 versus the US Dollar.
  4. Gold rallies above $1437 and Silver above $26 per ounce this year.
  5. US GDP peaks at 4.1% in 2018 sometime in the second half of the year.
  6. Housing returns to 2006 bubbleicious levels. No one panics, the smart money plays the same 2007 strategy which eventually ends up in everyone losing.
  7. US U-3 Unemployment bottoms at 3.6% just before the 2018 mid-term elections (conveniently).
  8. In a shocking development, WalMart buys Macys Department Stores to help stave off the new Amazon mall strategy.

US Political Fluffernuttery

  1. Robert Mueller ends the Russia probe after audio recordings of phone conversations with former FBI investigators on his team reveal a plan to fraudulently frame President Trump and his family.
  2. The Democrats go to the mat on DACA and illegal immigration resulting in a massive poll favorable drop below 40% among blue/purple state Democrat and Independent voters.
  3. Republicans only lose 7-11 seats in the House but gain 10 in the Senate resulting in what the liberal media calls “Trumputopia” for 2019.
  4. Former FBI director Comey is indicted for fraud, destruction of evidence, violation of handling of classified data, and perjury.
  5. Hillary Clinton feigns a massive illness and after the 2018 Republican upset, President Trump “pardons” her for crimes committed during the 2016 election. While conservatives are outraged, Democrats are angrier based on the false narrative that the evidence was falsified by the FBI.
  6. Californians vote for a 4% tax increase on corporations in the 2018 elections resulting in America’s largest state falling deeper into recession in 2019.
  7. New York objects to the 2010 census and demands a restoration of lost Congressional seats; the Supreme Court dismisses the case.
  8. President Trump gets to appoint not one but 2 Supreme Court justices as a liberal judge falls to medical malady.
  9. After the election, Nancy Pelosi is voted out of power in the Democrat portion of the House of Representatives.

Geopolitical Peace in Our Time

  1. Turkey gets its nose bloodied in Northern Syria and Iraq. The Turkish military actually revolts against Erdogan as a result and seizes control of the government.
  2. Russia finally gets basing rights in Cyprus after numerous British objections.
  3. Iran’s first below ground nuclear test is a failure killing numerous scientists due to a faulty North Korean design.
  4. Pakistan severs all cooperation with US forces and declares support for Taliban independence in Northeast Afghanistan.
  5. Poland leaves the European Union.
  6. North Korea accedes to Chinese demands and in symbolic gestured destroys 20 nuclear warheads under Chinese and US supervision. Of course they still have 20 plus more.
  7. Australia and New Zealand withdraw from ASEAN.
  8. Venezuela devolves into a full blown national civil war.
  9. Raul Castro dies, and the generals who seize control declare a period of mourning followed by an announcement of true democratic elections in late 2018.
  10. NAFTA briefly collapses scaring world stock markets only to be restored after Mexico’s new President announces a new approach to restructuring the deal with President Trump.

Just WTF

  1. There will be 14 named storms this year including 7 hurricanes, 4 majors, and 2 major hurricanes impacting the US, including the Northeast US in mid-September.
  2. The Philadelphia Eagles finally win a Super Bowl. America rejoices despite barfing.
  3. The New York Yankees win the World Series. Oh, and the sun rises in the East.
  4. A massive solar storm which knocks out satellites for 36 hours creates massive panic.
  5. Hackers take down 5 major banks in a 24 hour period creating financial havoc.
  6. Hollywood panics as the on-demand cable networks supersede movie box office numbers for the first time in history.
  7. Locusts swarm the Nile River valley creating a Biblical panic as Christians and Jews view it as sign of the end times.

Drink up boys and girls. 2018 could be a fun one!

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