Guest Post: Some of you Would be Starving by Now

by The Natty Bumppo
February 15, 2018

Standing on the dirt road awaiting our fate would not had happened if God had not seen the preacher and I through two other life threatening situations within the past 36 hours. We had finally through many trials reached our destination that very warm February night at 0230 local. Tamil Nadu (the home of the original ‘thug’, who strangled their victims with a silk scarf) is one of the more dangerous places in the world, especially for two hayseeds from the Midwest. Onto The village of Tapeswaram in Andhra Pradesh was somewhat silent as we arrived. The only people around was our driver, host and his family, along with a few of his closest associates.

Then they were all gone. There was complete silence. We two hayseeds left standing on the dirt road in the middle of the village. The preacher turns to me with the most horrid look of fear that I have ever seen upon the face of any man to this day. The look in his eyes was as a man whose heart is about to fail and say’s “Bobby, they are gonna kill us!” With the preacher being exactly at arm’s length to my left, I raised my left hand to him gesturing that he calm down and said “just wait a moment” while I scanned 360 degrees looking for threats. It was then (some 20 seconds later) that the fireworks began to light up the sky, music was playing and every beauty contestant from miles around was placing lei’s upon us till I strained to see over them.

Later it was implied that I should not speak to anyone of the event (his words and actions). Although my chief responsibility was his personal safety, we had several of the same professional acquaintances. This was February 1995 and the preacher has now gone home to be with the Lord Jesus. Still here today I will maintain my integrity and not release his name in a public forum, as he was very well known. With that said, the preacher we might say completely broke down to a panic mode lacking faith, fearful for his life. Those 36 hours of experience with God and I caused him to have a very deep respect for yours truly followed quickly by a very severe disdain that he carried with him for God knows how long.

It is the fear I seen in his eyes and upon his face that I have never forgotten. I have seen plenty of men die, but none of them had fear come upon them as this preacher did. Fear causes some men to freeze up, it causes some men to psychologically revert to a more simple and pleasurable time, it causes some men to do extraordinary feats; it causes some men to immediately give up the ghost.

The scripture says in Luke 21 verse 26 that a time will come when a man’s heart will fail for fear of that which comes upon the Earth. Yes there are many things coming, things that we may only speculate at best. We therefore are limited in response to prayer and prepare. Preparation is many things; spiritual, psychological and obviously the collection and maintenance of worldly comforts. For my article on that please visit

Preparing for the Inevitable American Gun Ban- Part 1, by Rector

The primary purposes of the 2nd Amendment was as a bulwark against the establishment of tyrannical government, a citizen’s veto. Let us put it in the simplest terms: the founding fathers sought to guarantee American’s ability to fight a future government. This could only be accomplished by the armed citizenry (the militia) shooting those who would violate the inalienable rights of the citizens. How does that premise sound rolling off the tongue in 2018?

I concur with what Rector said in this piece. The honest to God truth is that most people only operate in the sunshine. As believers in Jesus we are to be the salt of the Earth, people who take a stand for Godliness. People that stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sadly most today have no salt, but have given it away and should be cast upon the dung hill. Instead of having the salt that God has given to each person, they collectively pour their salt into another. This is done by saying I support this person or that project but do nothing individually for the cause. They are close with their mouth but so distant with their heart. And then eventually the distance with their heart finally takes over till they are no longer close with their mouths. And before you know it, they are in the enemy’s camp. Fear changes people.

People are 2nd Amendment supports as long as they really do not need to use them for the proper purposes. People are supports of life but will not chance being arrested by simply praying or holding a sign near an abortion clinic. People are preppers (with all the answers and zero experience) as long as they can continue to prep and not truly need those items or face the truth of SHTF. In general people are sunshine soldiers and patriots and we should add here believers (in Jesus) and preppers.

This January 17th 2018 marked the six month of surviving off of our prep items. As stated before SHTF (in the previous article) has many faces. So many ‘preppers’ are looking for that one national or world event (EMP, financial collapse, CME, etc.). SHFT does not always work the way we plan. SHTF is here for us, yet everyone outside of our property, life is as normal. Therefore it is possible that some unknown event in your life that would cause SHTF for you. The rest of the world may not experience what you experience yet for you, life has now changed. If you were in our shoes today, how would your preps fare?

So many prepper advocates today speak that six months of supplies is enough then some government agency will come to your rescue. Or that six months of supplies is enough because you then can grow your own food. This is all horse manure. If we had listened to their so called sage advice, we would be starving now. And for those that listen to that crap, if in our shoes would be starving by now. We are still a couple months from planting crops. Then you must have the time for maturity. Then you pray that there will not be a crop failure. Six months of supplies is not enough folks. If you think so, you would be starving by now. And when the one year mark comes and goes, I will tell you the same thing concerning 12 months.

It was fear that caused that preacher to have such great respect to quickly without cause changing to such disdain. That was personally for me a rough time. It was a time of unknowing, as I had much respect for the man. Still he feared that which should not have been feared but should have allowed his actions to match is bravado.

Fear simply causes people to accept and do things that they know are inherently wrong. People mostly fear other people, and not the God that created them. As we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. For the sake of this article, feel free to ignore my advice. Because you feared to do what was needed when you had opportunity. I won’t be there with you when you tell your starving wife and children “I thought our preps were enough.” “I’m glad honey we went on that vacation and not bought extra supplies” said no wife ever as she was starving. People are looking for leadership. Your wife and children are looking for leadership, be the leader they need to survive the SHTF that is coming for us all.

For what little service I can be to you today is simple encouragement; to encourage straighter backbones, to encourage stronger resolve in the face of the enemy, to encourage a tenacious attitude and lifestyle of independence. To encourage you to prepare for SHTF as though is starts when you wake tomorrow. It just may.

In the situation that we personally find ourselves, we are so thankful for the small group of supporters near us that have kept our lives as normal as possible. And so many kind individuals around the country that have financially contributed to us since SHTF for our family back in July. But most importantly praise God for giving us the wisdom to prepare as we did.

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