Guest Post: The 7-11 Prepper

April 2, 2018

WARNING Please DO NOT let your children read this. It is graphic with adult content with scenes not appropriate for children. Virgin eared Pollyanna’s should stop reading now. Welcome to the depravity of man.

The 7-11 Prepper
by Natty Bumppo

“Get off my wife you son of a bitch.” Coming from a shallow whisper of a voice from the man tied up in the chair against the wall. “Ah, welcome back, you can actually see through those swollen eyes? Your wife and I are having a bit of fun. What’s your name again?” “Ma…’cough’…Mar….” “Well whatever your name is you sure are having a rough time of it, not for long though.” And with a sudden hay maker to the left temple, everything was black again.

30 Days before……

“Mark! Mark! It just all went to shit!” “What happened, Joe?” “The Ruskies just sank a bunch of ships in Norfolk, the Houston shipping lane is closed, Lake Charles to Port Arthur and everything between is up in smoke, no one seen this coming! We just lost tens of thousands of men and our refining capacity has been cut in half! We have been at war with them for 2 days. No one expected total war to make its way to our shores. It’s just been 48 hours for heaven’s sake! Hell, we have Russian jets flying over everywhere! And your just sitting down here reloading hand gun ammo.” “Joe, this is going down fast. I mean fast. We will need everything possible. Hand me that bag of brass in the corner there on the bench. Our neighbors are going to need all the help that we can offer them. The shit has hit the fan here Joe. I bet CVS has already been hit.” “No way man, people are still in shock.” “I will guarantee it Joe. We are not the only preppers out there. We are not the only people expecting the collapse of this country. Ten years ago, I knew a man that told me the first thing he was going to do when most people were in shock of SHTF was to raid the CVS while armed, grabbing all the anti-biotics he could find. Knowing him he probably stole all the Viagra as well. We’re the good guys here Joe. Yes we will survive, but it will not be easy. In the next few months we may have to do, or as Pastor Tim says ‘endure’, things that we will not enjoy, but for family and friends we must. We have been preparing for years. We both have enough 5 gallon buckets of food for ourselves and for our friends. In the end, we will survive, now hand me that bag please.” Then the lights went out.

One week later….

The fence between Mark and Joe has constantly stayed open day and night. It did not take long before they realized that SHTF did not take the course that they expected. “Mark! Man this is messed up.” “Yeah I know. Samantha and the kids are already complaining.” “Not that, Linda is not complaining, but right now is standing guard because I could not wait to tell you what happened last night.” “What’s the big smile for Joe, did you find an extra box of Twinkies or something?” “No, but that would be nice. Remember Suzy with the 2 children at the far end of the block?” Yeah, I remember her, she worked for some doctor right?” “No, that was Katy and she married that doctor last year. Suzy is a stripper at the exotic club down town. She makes good money and moved here a few months ago. She came by looking for food to feed her rug-rats. And she offered herself as payment.” “Oh crap, Joe, what did you do?” “What could I do? I told her to wait there and closed the door. Linda heard it all and felt sorry for the kids. So we gave her some food” “And what about the payment Joe, I bet Linda didn’t care much for her offer?” Laughing, Joe said, “Nope, she did not care for that, but you know Linda, ever since she found out that we could not have any cannot say no to children. Maybe I will collect sometime on that payment in the future, she is pretty good looking and desperate.”

One week later, two weeks into SHTF…..

“Mark! I am sick and tired of this! We have been living off of rice and beans for two weeks now! The kids are complaining about the food, they miss their friends; they cannot play their video games any longer! Yesterday, they started fist fighting! All you do is listen to that stupid short wave radio, run around the neighborhood in those stupid looking camouflage clothes scaring what few neighbors we have left with that assault rifle! Hell, I miss…..” “Stop, stop, stop! Dammit Samantha I am trying to keep everyone safe and with people getting shot and dying of radiation sickness from the nukes that fell almost 2 weeks ago, you should count yourself pretty damn lucky! All these years I have been prepping and you and the children fought me the whole way. Beans and rice is a hell of a lot better than what most of these people left have!”

“Mark, the children need things! We miss our Facebook and Instagram! We want things back the way they were! This is not life, not what we signed up for! Couldn’t you have at least bought some of those fat cakes you would pick up after work at the 7-11 for the children? Go steal some if you have to! And Joey is almost out of his inhaler!” “What, how can that be? You were supposed to pick up more last month!” “No Mark, you were to pick them up but went to the gun shop instead, and forgot all about stopping by the doctor’s office!” “Oh don’t blame all that on me! You were always messing around with that damn phone! You couldn’t even put that thing down to fix dinner! That’s why we ate out 5 to 6 nights a week. You and your Facebooks friends….” “You’re an asshole Mark!” “Well if it wasn’t for this asshole, you wouldn’t have those rice and beans today!” “I’d rather just die!” “Go ahead and die Samantha, I don’t care!”

“I don’t care either any more Mark, but Joey needs that inhaler, you’ve got to do something, he will die without it!” “Okay, Okay, Joe told me of some people a few miles away on Johnson Way, that is trading stuff. He said that they were a rough bunch from what he has heard, drugs, prostitution that kind of stuff, but apparently they have other goods as well.” “Mark that is dangerous, maybe Dr. Cruz has an inhaler.” “Who is Dr. Cruz?” “Do you remember Katy who lived a couple houses from Joe?” “Oh yeah, I remember her. ” “Well she married Dr. Cruz, they live a couple blocks away on Raintree.”

One week later, 3 weeks into SHTF…..

Linda hears the knock on the door, she was hoping they would pass her by, but Suzy’s children had been by once before with their mom to ask for food. This time it was just the kids. As she opened the door, little did she know that death was on the other side for her and Joe. As soon as Linda opened the door, the little boy threw in the grenade he held behind his back.

“Mark! Mark! What was that explosion?” “Joe and Linda are dead. Some man that fit every description of a pimp, a woman and two children were raiding their supplies. I killed them all.” “You killed two children! You’re a monster!” “Hey, they just killed Joe and…” “I don’t care! What have you become! You’re a baby killing monster!” “Get off my ass, you think I wanted to kill them, we might have been next!” “You’re a baby killer! You’re a baby killer!”

Mark walked the two blocks over to where Samantha said Dr. Cruz lived with his young wife Katy. Mark thought that it had to be an interoffice relationship and she married for money. Then he began to change his mind thinking that after the heated words between he and Samantha and her calling him a baby killer was messing with his mind. They probably love each other very much. The SHTF that he envisioned was nothing like real SHTF.

After a brief visit with Dr. Cruz (who was very condescending, he did not see Katy) that turned out unfruitful he continued on to Johnson Way.

There were a few more people around, dirty, scuttling about like rats. He spoke to one person sitting on the side of the road. His thousand yard stare looked more like a ten thousand yards but he was able to point him in the direction of a local dealer. When he arrived there were two very large men with a lot of fire power. He turned around to leave just to see two more men outfitted the same blocking his escape. Mark heard behind him; “What do you want asshole?” “I’m here to trade.” “Wait here.”

Mark was brought into another room where some man sat behind a desk flanked by four additional men as previously described. “What can I do for you? Do you want a woman?” Mark just stared in amazement that his world, his country has been brought to such a state in just a few weeks. “Hey is it a young one your looking for, we have girls or boys, maybe drugs?” Mark finally spoke up, “Yeah, I am looking for an inhaler for my son.” “Inhaler, Frank we got any inhalers?” “Yeah we got some.” “Well there dad, we have inhalers, but those are expensive. I hope you have something good to trade?” “I have some cash.” “Cash!” And the whole room erupted in laughter, except for Mark, who kind of chuckled, trying to fit in. “Listen asshole, we have your inhalers but you sure as hell better bring me something that we can use. You can see what we have here. Don’t come back if you don’t have anything to trade.”

One week later, 4 weeks into SHTF…..

Mark was a basket case. Samantha did not sleep in the same bed with him since their first argument. It was like she blamed him for everything that was going on. His best friend Joe was killed. He killed four people including two children. Neighbors all around were either dead from radiation, sickness or just offed themselves because they could not handle the loss of everything they knew. Samantha and the kids just would not stop screaming at him or crying. He began to think that he would be better off without them. He too is so sick of eating the stuff he put up as preps. They were way past food fatigue and after a lifestyle of eating out practically every meal, coming off of that was like going through a withdraw. Throw on top of that the collapse of everything. His mind was spinning out of control. Then she came in. “Mark! You must do something and do it now! Are you going to let your son die! He needs his inhaler Mark and his last one is nearly empty! Killing those kids is one thing, are you going to let yours die too?”

That was it. Mark was done, he flipped. The look in his eyes was as one possessed by something other than anything Godly. Mark then ran out of the home, out into the neighborhood. He found himself at the home of Dr. Cruz and his beautiful wife Katy. When Dr. Marcus Cruz answered Mark pistol whipped him and continued to beat him to the point of near death. Mark grabbed Katy Cruz, back handed her dragging her to the bedroom all the while she was screaming at her children to hide in the closet.

Day 31 after the collapse…….

“It was nice doing business with you Mark. The woman along with the boy and girl is exactly the type of trade items that we can do business with. I sincerely hope that this is not the last that we will see of you?”

Mark finally headed home. When he walked through the door he called for everyone in the house to meet him downstairs in the living room. To Samantha’s joy he produced 3 inhalers which should last a few months. Everyone was relieved. “But that’s not all.” Mark produced 2 boxes of Twinkies. Both children with eye’s wide as saucers tore into them and ate half a box in a flash. “Dad, you’re our hero.”

Natty Bumppo here: Folks, everything I write is based on true events that I have experienced, however this is my second work of fiction in the last 6 years. It’s not my normal forte. Its purpose is to shake the reader (prepper) out of slumber, to understand that SHTF will not happen exactly as planned and that you had better prepare for a world much worse than I described in this short story. We know this first hand, up close and personal. We have dealt with the death of our oldest son; we have dealt with corrupt courts and lawyers within the last year. This last year our lives have changed us and I doubt that if we were once again free, not to be on this self-imposed house arrest, that never again will life be as it was before. For us, everything hit the fan. It was not what we expected. Still we prepared like there was no tomorrow beforehand, because there was no tomorrow. For you there is. An opportunity to prepare today like there is no tomorrow, because there just may not be one.

In the situation that we personally find ourselves, we are so thankful for the small group of supporters near us that have kept our lives as normal as possible. And so many kind individuals around the country that have financially contributed to us since SHTF for our family back in July. But most importantly praise God for giving us the wisdom to prepare as we did.

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