Guest Post: American Standard Operating Procedure (ASOP)

by Natty Bumppo
June 10, 2018 05:00 ET

March 2011, one year before I started Just Measures Radio Network, I was the financial backer behind another radio network. I remember the 11th of March and the week following especially. That was the date of a 9.1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan and the subsequent tsunami causing the disaster at the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant.

To this day, a large number of us believe we are not being told the truth of the true amount of radiation leaked into the Pacific Ocean and the effects of it ecologically and on all of our lives. You as I may remember the response of the listeners at that time. Callers from all over the country were scared. Not just a little but panicked would be a better word of the ensuing disaster and its affects coming our way. It would be understandable for those that are not ‘prepped’ up to be panicked. But that was not the case. Those phone calls were coming from people that were (or at least claimed to be) ‘preppers’. What’s gonna happen now? We should all run to the grocery! Should we all bug out now? The ocean will be extinct of life! We’re all gonna die! This was the mantra of nearly every caller for days. The preppers were panicked.

The ‘prepper/patriot’ community is no different than any other movement. They might even be compared to religion in the way that when something happens in this world that is evident of a religious belief, then everyone stands back in awe. They say to themselves I was right. It has always made me question some people of faith, and their sincerity when they are awe struck when an event supports their belief. Did they expect to be wrong? Were they just saying the words but not believing it to be true? Like a prepper, loading up on supplies for whatever reason and never expect to use them. If I thought putting up preps for my family was futile, because after all …”it can’t happen here…” was true, then selling all of it, guns included (because 99.9% of Americans will NEVER use them for their intended purpose) and go on vacation. It is like getting all dressed up to go to the ball and you never leave the house. You didn’t get all prepped up for nothing, did you?

Let us switch gears slightly. The years have gone by. We survived Hillary and her agenda (so we are told) and life is good. The “Deep State” (which I though was always called the shadow government for decades, but deep state sounds so cool does it not?) is coming for us, and Q Anon jumps onto the scene. How many times in the prepper/patriot community will people fall for bags of shit on your front porch set on fire and still you stomp them out with your foot? When one must twist words and look for what one wants to see in the message to prove authenticity all the while ignoring obvious errors; I call it the art of justification. Is Hillary still under house arrest wearing an ankle bracelet? Just curious.

I remember once when Q Anon posted, I said to an online community that it was completely inaccurate and quite frankly impossible to be under the circumstances at the time; the believers of the post came against me rather harshly. Besides the 3D, 4D chess comments came the threats and more. Now today, Q Anon as so many others who want to speak in cryptic language, claiming great knowledge and insights is now being listed more and more along with the many other provocateurs of bravo sierra within the community. But don’t say anything to anyone about their dog, religion or that of their chosen fear mongering b.s. artist on the internet. That will get you into fights.

I can hear some saying this as they are reading my words: “Time-out Mr. Bumppo. I remember you on the radio, was everything you said true?” Yep, sure was. Because I had the wisdom to say what was true, what my desire was, what my opinion was and the cajones to admit when I was wrong. That is what put me at the top of alternate news radio at the time. A little personality didn’t hurt either.
Now with the introduction out of the way, let us now dwell into the American Standard Operating Procedure. The ability to discern and lack thereof is amazing. Discernment within the church is nonexistent. According to scripture we are to be the salt of this Earth. Instead of being the salt, many within the church will find a preacher that they determine is likeable. Someone that they want to agree with and then pour whatever salt they have inside that preacher. Then they go about saying that they like such and such. Or that they support this one or that one. Why? Because it is easier. It is easier to write a check, say you support something or think that you actually sacrificed something by attending a service or writing something on a message board. Kind of like those who would repost Q Anon think that they were fighting the deep state by doing such. Or re-posting a broadcast of one I nick named ‘wild turkey’ because he believes he looked up at the night sky and seen laser beam weapons being shot between space craft. And preppers/patriots hung on every word he spoke. ZERO discernment there folks. And when someone with absolutely zero experience in survival or SHTF comes out and regurgitates the same dribble over and over again of the top things to have to barter, guns, knives, food or whatever for SHTF that has been written again by someone who has zero experience in any type of SHTF. And preppers spend money on what someone else has to say. Let me give you an example. I would rather be in a foxhole with a man that has a 22 lever action rifle that is WILLING to do what is necessary than some guy with a tricked out AR-15 with more gadgets than my children’s Legos, that talks about how they can take his gun from his cold dead fingers, but can’t make it to the fight because he must watch his wife’s dog while she goes buys more crap that someone said they needed for SHTF. The SHTF and they don’t even realize it. They will turn that gun in the first chance they get for a warm shower, hot meal and the promise of electricity at the FEMA camp down the road.

If you would like more examples of what preppers should do ahead of SHTF in their lives, please read the links provided below this article . It is not the same old dribble.

ASOP is: we’re tough as Hell as long as it does not cost us anything.
ASOP is: we’re gonna sit on our ass for years but we have seeds to feed our family with, until 2 weeks in and don’t have the energy to pick up the hoe again because it hurts to much.
ASOP is: we’re gonna give them our guns one bullet at a time, until we see 2 squads outside our home and we are by our self, no one is left to help us because we justified not helping those before us that was willing.
ASOP is: we’re gonna talk like we will do what it takes to support true patriots, nit pic every decision they make, then do nothing because it is easier.
ASOP is: we’re gonna survive off rice and beans, until we actually try it for a week. Hello FEMA camp.
ASOP is: we’re gonna survive off the land until we try it for a week and realize how much work is involved.
ASOP is: we’re gonna live out of our bug out bag for weeks if need be because I’m Billy Bad Ass with 50 extra pounds…..this person will cry within 48 hours max.
ASOP is: we’re gonna share with you, show us what you got……the person that does this is dead.
ASOP is: we know all the right words/actions because we watched The Walking Dead or read the right fictional books…..this is never said aloud, but justified in thought. Claiming in conversation those ideas in fiction to be individual thought.
ASOP is: basing our financial plan on crypto currency stashed on our hard drive kept in a faraday cage.
ASOP is: having a fully stocked bug out location left undefended and rarely visited.
ASOP is: staying high on drugs, alcohol, ego or our own deceptions/romantic ideas and not dealing with the issues of the day.
ASOP is: having more invested in your sports team than your family.
ASOP is: collecting ammo and guns but rarely train with them.
ASOP is: taking the easiest way out that won’t cost much money nor require work or sacrifice of any kind.

Now let me briefly speak about what ASOP is not. This has always been a motto that I have lived by for decades now. Those of you that knew me during my radio days will remember this well:

Do what others will not do; tolerate what others will not tolerate; sacrifice what others will not sacrifice and you will find success where others fail.

If you attempt to search for who originally said that. Your search is done, it was I, The Natty Bumppo

In the situation that we personally find ourselves, we are so thankful for the small group of supporters near us that have kept our lives as normal as possible. And so many kind individuals around the country that have financially contributed to us since SHTF for our family back in July. But most importantly praise God for giving us the wisdom to prepare as we did.

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