How a North Korea Peace Treaty will Destroy the Democrats in November

by John Galt
June 10, 2018 22:15 ET

As President Trump begins what is a historic marker in Asian political relations with the United States, the impact of this moment extends far beyond the lightweight reporting of the American mainstream media. The old world thinking of the Euro-centric liberal establishment is no longer applicable to the economic and military realities America now faces. No longer is there a viable threat of masses of Russian tanks with their Warsaw Pact allies swarming through the Fulda Gap as the Russian economy is in a shambles and its military, much like NATO’s, could not sustain a ground war for more than ten days before either side switched to the nuclear option.

Trump’s gambit with Kim Jong-Un may well end up being a dud. However by betting high and using his advantage now by ignoring domestic politics, a true breakthrough could occur this week:

An official end to the Korean War, the longest conflict in U.S. history.

While many in the anti-American mainstream media will point to Afghanistan as the longest war in U.S. history, that is incorrect as the Korean War is only in a ceasefire, with an armistice which can be over-ridden by President Trump at the push of a button.

Sadly few on the left wish to acknowledge this fact that Democrat Party President Truman’s war has tied down billions of dollars of U.S. resources and manpower when it could have been ended in 1952. Some 65 plus years later, the opportunity to end this war is upon us and much like the Cold War, a Republican President is at the helm.

How does this destroy the Democrats in November one might ask?

Simple. Imagine forcing the United States Senate to actually vote on an official peace treaty establishing rules of demarcation, exchange of remains, etc. with North Korea. Is the blind, insane Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) so off the charts that 20 plus Democrat Senators would vote against peace? Probably so, I am sad to say.

And when the November elections roll around those Democrat U.S. Senators up for re-election who voted against a 60 year old plus war will be exhibited to the general population for the idiots that they are and as a result, probably flip the U.S. Senate into a filibuster proof majority for (gag), Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Enjoy the show this week folks and pray that a peace treaty is truly forthcoming. It is time to start phasing down our presence around the world and South Korea is a darned good place to start.

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