Sorry for the Absence, but I’ve Been OOLing Around

by John Galt
June 10, 2018 00:30 ET

Yup, just Ooling around.

What’s an Ool, one may ask?

O bserver
O f
L ife

Some of it by choice, some of it by frustration.

First of all, why I have chosen to limit my posts and remain silent, and no you little dweebs it is not because I’m reverting back to becoming “never Trump” again nor am I going hardcore “doomer” as I had in the past. The future for my family is quite bleak to be honest as my father is now on the final stretch of his life with minutes becoming more valuable than hours, hours more so than days, days than weeks, etc. Having never experienced this before in such a direct manner, I know understand and feel the pain that others have endured as their loved ones deteriorated from cancer and eventually passed on to the other side.

Secondly, it has been frustrating. My new position at my new company has kept me so busy time is now a valuable commodity as it generates considerable more profit to work and travel for my company than to post here on a regular basis; the latter though important because my time with my mother and father is now much more valuable than anything so any time I can take I use for that purpose.

What have I Ooled in the last 6 months of interest?

  1. The American Left thinks it is 1970. They are about to drive over a cliff enabling someone far worse than Nixon to go wild the minute things get hairy in D.C.
  2. The GOP is nuts. The stupid party took stupid steroids. They are worse than the Atlanta Falcons with a 20 point lead in the Super Bowl.
  3. The G7 is toast.
  4. Russia is a paper tigress (That’s right a nutless meow or hiss, nothing more).
  5. China holds all the cards but they are about to piss gasoline all over them and self-immolate.
  6. India, Iran, Africa, South America, and Southern Europe are about to explode.
  7. The US Dollar is King for now, but not much longer.
  8. Cryptocurrencies are about to implode in a spectacular, almost Hunt Brothers fashion.
  9. The doomer talk is over rated now as it was in 1999 and 2010.

I’ll save number 10 for another article because it should scare the shit out of sane souls.

So I’m back. Until my father crosses over to have a beer with Jesus, I’m going to write my frustrations, observations, and mental masturbations for all to see.

In the mean time, enjoy one of the greatest albums of all time by The Who, “Who’s Next” and enjoy a quick article by my best friend about American Standard Operating Procedure…

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